Wednesday, August 31, 2011


BabyLand General Hospital AKA Cabbage Patch Kid mecca!!!!!  Thanks to my post today I have found out that MANY of you loved your CPKs as much as I did/do.  Heather who blogs at The Yotes Diva sent me a link to this article which then lead me to this website for BabyLand General Hospital. 

This place is like the American Girl Doll Store for my generation!  Haha!  Is it sad that I am SO excited to go and visit this place!?  Don't worry I'm not planning a special trip.  I have already planned a trip to Atlanta to visit my friend Amber when her baby is born in October.  I emailed her the link and told her we must go here and guess what. . . she was holding out on me.  She not only knew about this place but she has been there!!!!  She said she never knew I would be interested in going.  In her defense I guess most people don't know about my obession w/ CPK.  The good news is that we will have a "cover" aka her 4 year old daughter Eva.  My plan - bring Eva to the CPK hospital like she is the one who wants to go but really it is me who wants to go.  Maybe then I will look less crazy.  Haha!!!

I've been planning to go to my parent's attic to get out some of my stuff and now I'm motivated to get the CPKs down to check them out and see how they have survived up there for all these years.

Please don't stop following me b/c you think I'm crazy!  I promise this is just  momentary insanity due to my extra stressful few days at work.  I'll be back to "myself" soon.  

My Childhood Faves (Oh, How Pinteresting!)

Let me just start out by saying that this week has been crazy (yes I do realize it is only Wed morning but believe we when I tell you it feels like it has been much longer.)  I've had a VERY complicated case going on at work for the past 6 months that has been causing a lot of stress.  Yesterday was a big day (sorry I would love to go into detail but due to confidentiality I really can't elaborate) and today we should get some news that will help us move forward.  So I will be anxiously awaiting the "news" and trying to distract myself at a domestic violence conference type thing that I'm going to today as part of my role as hospital social worker and MAAV board member.

Anyways. . . on to more interesting stuff.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE pinterest?  Lately I've noticed a lot of people pinning things from the past and I just had to pick out a few of my childhood faves to share w/ y'all.

Do you remember pogo balls?  I had a blue and gray one and my brother had a red and black one.  I loved this thing.  I can remember bringing it to recess at school and jumping all over the place.  So much fun!

I must have had 100 ponies.  I loved playing w/ these little friends.  I had many accessories for them too.  I never liked Barbie but I loved My Little Pony! 

Ok so wish I was the one to invent these silly toys!  I had an entire basket filled w/ koosh balls.  All different sizes and colors.  I loved playing with and collecting these things.  Not sure why!

Do they still make these?  I can't even remember if they were comfortable but I know I had a pair in every color when I was little.  Now I can't even decide if I think they are cute or cheesy but I know I loved them as a kid!
Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

Did you  have one of these awesome plastic necklaces with all of the charms?  I remember "trading" charms w/ friends and being so excited to get a "new" charm to add to my collection!
Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

I could do an entire post on these little friends.  I had (well I should save have since they are in my parent's attic packed away for my future children or my nieces) 12 CPK.  Yes 12!  I could probably still tell you all of their names too.  Haha!  CPK was one of my most favorite things as a kid.  I loved dolls and played w/ these all the time.  One of my favorite memories is one day after school my mom picked me up and told me that The Fair (a store kind of like a Target today) had just gotten in some CPK (as they were impossible to get your hands on) and she was taking me to get one.  We went over and I got to pick one out to add to my collection.  I actually can't remember which one I got that day but I think it was "Laura" w/ the light brown hair in a pony tail w/ a pink dress (Mom do you remember?)  Did anyone else love CPK as much as me?
Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

Gymp will always remind me of summer and camp.  I was the gymp queen.  I could do square, circle, zipper, butterfly, etc.  I loved doing gymp and thought it was really cool that camp had so many colors to choose from!

Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

So there you have it - a bunch of my childhood fans via Pinterest.  Were any of these your favorites as a kid? Anything I'm forgetting that you think I might have loved?

If you want an invitation to Pinterest send me an email and let me know.  You can follow me here.  

Monday, August 29, 2011

Crafty Weekend

I had big plans for the weekend until. . . Irene changed said plans.  I was going to Asbury Park, NJ to visit my friend Rhonda and her family.  Well that got pushed back to Labor Day weekend (which is good since they ended up having to evacuate to a hotel)!  Then I had planned to go to the Cape to hang w/ my parents and my nieces who were having a "vacation" at Grammy and Grampy's.  Well thanks to Irene that didn't happen either.  So I found myself with an entire weekend w/ no plans.  Quite unusual for me.  I am always over planning my weekends and usually am exhausted for doing so.  This weekend was different.  It was filled with staying home, relaxing, watching tv, scrapbooking, getting crafty and taking a lot of naps!!!!  It really is amazing to me just how much sleep my body needs especially when my MS is "acting up." 

So my first project of the weekend was this:

I saw this idea online of a shirt that says "Preschool Rocks" and knew I could make one for Peyton who is starting preschool for the first time.  I went to AC Moore to pick out some letters and fell in love with these.  How cute are these lady bug letters?  Then I bought the actual lady buys separate.  They are all iron on.  I went to Old Navy to find shirts with no luck and then to Carters where I found this one.  I liked it b/c it had the flower on the top which made it girly.  The ironing on process took some time but I think it came out pretty good.  I emailed a pic of it to my mom so she could show Peyton and she really liked it!

And of course I would never made something for Peyton w/o making something for Ella so this is what I did for her:
I went back and forth on what to write on hers.  I was thinking of "Don't Bug Me" or "Bug Off" since Ella is at the adorable age of 2! :)  But then I got to thinking about Ella and dance came to mind.  She LOVES to dance so I knew this would be perfect.  I know they will be anxious to wear them but they might have to wait a few weeks for some cooler temps! 

I also did some "scrapbooking" this weekend.  It isn't the traditional type of scrapbooking that I usually do but I did a couple of fun projects and I'm happy since I haven't done any in SO long!  I made an album of my English Vacation from May.  I am really happy w/ how it came out.  I still need to do some journaling and finishing touches but it looks great.  Here are some pages (don't mind the glare these were taken w/ my iPhone and there is a clear protective sheet over each pic):

Then tonight I did another smaller project.  My nieces had professional photos taken in July and I order some so I wanted to put them in a mini scrapbook.  I just used what I had so some of the colors are "creative" but I think it came out nice.

I got this cute little album at Christmas Tree Shop for $1!  Love that.  The other album is from Creative Memories.  I had never used that style of album before but I like it and think it is good for a quick project.

So that was my crafty weekend!  Now I have a huge mess of paper scraps to clean up off my bed!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Ok!

Today I am linking up with Neely and Amber for "It's Ok Thursdays."

Its Ok Thursdays
It's Ok. . .
that my brother's dog, Neely wears a hat. . .

that my sink actually looked like this last weekend. . . 

that I got a frozen yogurt (which is essentially healthy) and proceeded to add peanut butter cups, heath bar, cookie dough and snickers making it very unhealthy. . .

that I had a "Friends" moment and literally slammed the end of my broom stick against the ceiling so that my LOUD upstairs neighbors would quiet down (and it worked - for that night). . .

that some of my blog friends are not Red Sox fans (you know who you are). . .

that I am grumpy and moody b/c summer is coming to an end and even thought I don't have to go back to school I still get that dreaded feeling like when I was a kid. . .
that I'm obsessed with my beautiful nieces, Peyton and Ella. . .

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays

As if I needed anything else on the internet to spend/waste time on.  I mean I already have blogging, blog reading, Facebook, Twitter, email and now PINTEREST!  I was introduced this summer and I LOVE it!

For those of you who are not lucky enough to know what this is I recommend you go and check it out.  You will be hooked.  It is a place to save or "pin" all of your favorite things.  You can also find things from other people and repin.  I have a recipe board for example and it has lots of yummy recipes that I hope to someday make. 
You can find ideas on do it yourself projects, crafts, party ideas, decorations, etc.  It is so fun and a good distraction when you need to kill time.
Most of my blogging friends already know about Pinterest but I know some of my in real life friends were wondering about.  I know I have not done it justice so you will just have to go and check it out for yourself.

You will need an "invitation" to join so just email me if you are interested.  

So what are you waiting for?  Go check it out.  You'll be happy you did!


Happy Pinning!!

I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple.  Go check out her blog.  It is filled with fun stuff!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MS Crawl For A Cure

Last Saturday my sister-in-law, Jenn and my cousin-in-law, Meghan hosted "MS Crawl For A Cure" in order to raise money for the MS Challenge Walk.  They will be walking 50 miles in 3 days on Cape Cod while my mother and I will again be doing the Big Top Tent crew.

The bar crawl went to four bars all of which are within a couple of blocks from each other in the Quincy Market/Fanuiel Hall area of Boston.  At the last stop we had food and raffles.

Ok so not only does Magners have a higher alcohol content then beer but it also comes in bigger bottles so needless to say we were feeling pretty good after a few of those!  We thought we looked pretty good drinking right out of the bottles - all we needed were brown paper bags.  Ha ha!

I of course made the brother pose for a picture before too much drinking happen.  At the end of the night all of us got together for a picture.  We can't expect much in terms of smiles and everyone looking considering the group (some people, not naming names do not like to have their picture taken)!  So thankful to all of them for just being there.  I have the best family who have supported me since the day I was diagnosed with MS and continue to do so.  I'm a lucky girl to have such great siblings and cousins.

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  We had a lot of fun.  Many friends came out to show their support.  Jenn raised a lot of money at the event and it will also go to MS.  Jenn and Meghan each have to raise $1,500 to participate in the MS Challenge Walk and they are both very close to their goals.
Meghan, Jenn's sister, was happy to be the "announcer" again.  You may remember that she held that same megaphone at my fundraiser last November.  Oh and I won!  I got a $50 gift certificate to a salon I go to in my hometown.  I seriously never use to win ANYTHING but I won there and you may remember that I won at Katelyn's Marathon Fundraiser for MS!  I hope my luck continues!!!

Now for a very big THANK YOU to Jenn and Meghan.  I am so proud to call these ladies family.  Not only are they leaving their husbands and children for 3 days to walk 50 miles but they are raising money and awareness for MS.  They are both great supports to me and I'm so appreciative of what they are doing.  They are amazing women!  And you already know that Katelyn ran the Boston Marathon on the MS team and raised a ton of money.  My other family members are outstanding supporters as well and regularly donate money and attend events w/ me.  I really to have the best family. 

Thanks Jenn and Meghan for a great event.  It was a lot of fun.  I can't wait until the MS Challenge Walk on the Cape.  We are going to have so much fun!!!  xoxo

Monday, August 22, 2011

Here I Am!!

Yes I'm still alive.  I hate that I'm so "behind" in blogging.  Last week was just crazy for me.  I really didn't feel well all week (combo of MS fatigue and back pain) and I had committee meetings two nights and had to work supervising a visit one night.  So that left NO time for blogging and I had fun stuff to post but just not enough time.  So here I am, Monday night watching the Bachelor Pad and just got home from working (supervising a visit) again.  I did have a very nice weekend.  I did nothing on Friday night and Saturday.  I didn't even turn on my computer.  I just hung out and relaxed and it was SO nice.  I only left my house on Sat for an hour to get a massage and it was wonderful.  My back is still hurting but working on that. . . Yesterday I went to the Cape for a family dinner with my grandmother who went back to Florida today.  We had a great time.

Yesterday was also Jenn's birthday (29th right Jenn?)!  So we celebrated with gluten free cake/cupcakes w/ sparklers!  Happy Birthday Jenn!  So glad I have you as a sister-in-law!

 Notice I'm "double fisted" holding the girls' drinks.  They had no kid cups!  Haha!

Peyton is at such a sweet age.  She LOVES to pose for pictures!  Last night when I walked out of the room in my dress Peyton looked at me and in the sweetest voice said, "Jodi you look beautiful!"  She melts my heart.  I hope she is always that sweet!

We had to take a family photo (minus Scott who couldn't make it).  This is the first time we've all been w/ my grandmother in a couple of years b/c last summer we all visited her on different days.  It was such a night evening together and the girls were so well behaved.

After dinner we continued the conversation in the parking lot.  Peyton gave Ma plenty of hugs but Ella was playing hard to get.  She was much more interested in tasting the frosting then giving hugs!! :)  I'm so glad that we were able to be together yesterday to celebrate Jenn's birthday and spend time w/ my grandmother.  I'll cherish the memories we make together and hope for many more celebrations w/ my grandmother!  Looking forward to her 85th birthday 59th birthday in November!!!

Weekends always go by way too fast!  The next 3 weekends I'll be away (the Cape, New Jersey and the Cape for the MS Challenge Walk).  I'm in total denial that summer is coming to an end.

In other news I can't wait to share w/ you about Jenn's "MS Crawl for a Cure" bar crawl that she held last weekend to raise money for the MS Challenge Walk.  Have I mentioned that my awesome sister-in-law and cousin-in-law are walking 50 miles in 3 days for MS!  I'll be sharing a lot more about that in the coming weeks.

Also I've hit 100 followers!  Very exciting that 100 people find my blog interesting enough to follow/read.  In honor of this big occasion I will be doing a giveaway.  Give me a few more days to get the "prizes" together and then I will post! TTYL

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday

Some iPhone pics from this past week!

I bought all of these veggies at the farm stand down the street from my house for 5 bucks!  All fresh and so good.  I made a stir fry and it was delicious.  I think it is the first time I've cooked in 6 months.  Oh and my new love for Moscato wine continues.  Saw this bottle and had to have it.  I love wine.  I love flip flops.  I love the combo!

Adorable sandals I got last weekend on the Cape!  Wore them for the 1st time on Friday night and love them!!

I took a detour on my way home the other night so that I could get Chick-fil-a.  I love it there so much and wish there was one closer to me (although that could be a bad thing).  The cow was there so I of course had to sneak a pic.  All the kids were running up and hugging the cow.  Too cute.

This picture is actually from May but just realized I never shared about MS Night at the Pops this year.  This was my 3rd year in a row going and it is always great.  My mom and I had a "fancy" dinner at Boston Market before haha!  It was a nice night as usual and it is so nice that The National MS Society is able to put on this event.  So did I ever share the story about the rats?  I feel like I did but couldn't find it.  Anyways this was the night we parked in a garage w/ rats.  So gross and still freaks me out!

I'm linking up with What Makes Savanah Smile and Confessions of a Magnolia Mom

I love my iPhone and that I always have a camera on me for capturing "those" moments!!!