Sunday, July 10, 2011

What An Awesome Vacation!!!

Since I don't have any summer vacations planned I have to keep the memories alive from my recent trip to England.  It was an amazing week and I had a few pics that I didn't post in my recaps. 

While taking a pic of this window I noticed that people were in there!  Hope they didn't think I was crazy!

More beautiful roses.  I love the colors in these.  So unique!

I love the tube!  I think the public transportation system in London is great.  I do find it a bit scary being so far underground on some of the lines!

Vacations = cocktails!  

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Weekend recap post coming tomorrow. . . stay tune!


  1. Love the door pictures! When my husband and I used to live with some landlords (there was an in-law apartment), they gave us a framed large picture for Christmas that was of a whole bunch of really unique beautiful doors from the town. It was a local artist/photographer and it's one of the coolest pictures ever!