Thursday, July 28, 2011

Valet Parking for Dogs?

So this post was going to be a "restaurant review" until the following happen. . .

Last night I met my friend Danielle Temazcal Tequila Cantina which is a new restaurant on Boston's waterfront.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this area and that is about time Boston did something in that area.  Prime real estate that use to be just space.  Now it is filled w/ hotels and restaurants and they are on the water.  Perfect!  Anyways my story is from the end of the night so I'll go backwards.  I drove around for a long time looking for metered parking and finally gave up and did valet parking when I saw it was only $12 w/ validation from a restaurant.  So while I was waiting for my car at the end of the night (Danielle had already left) I observed the following scene:

Picture this car with the top down and dog sitting in back seat (see the cute Chocolate Lab sitting there?)  Now picture a guy, very New York looking (no offense), in his late 30s talking to the valet guy.  Girlfriend/wife/friend stands to the side trying to look like she isn't embarrassed by this whole "scene."

NY looking guy:  You don't mind watching my dog right?
Valet guy: Um well I don't think we can do that.
NY looking guy: Sure you can.  Leyla is very friendly and will be good.
Valet guy: Well yeah but she could bite someone. . .
NY looking guy:  Leyla?  Bite someone?  Look at her. . . she would never bite someone.  (While speaking in a baby voice and patting the dog.)
Valet guy: Well I don't think we can. . .
NY looking guy: (interrupts Valet guy) Oh come on they do it in NYC.  (Then whispers) I'll tip you good!
Valet guy: Oh but put the top up on your car.
NY looking guy: (While getting into car) Oh Leyla you cost me 50 bucks (still in baby voice) all while dog and girlfriend/wife/friend pay no attention to the whole "scene."  

Dude for 50 bucks I'll sit in your car w/ your dog while you eat dinner!  Are you kidding me?  Who brings there dog to dinner to leave in their car when it is hot out!  Or anytime for that matter!  So strange!  If I hadn't witnessed the whole thing I wouldn't have believed it.  People do such strange things.

I had the Primo Margarita:
1 ½ oz Patron Reposado
1oz Fresh Lime Juice
¼ oz Agave Nectar
½ oz Grand Marnier Float

It was $14 which was a lot for a margarita of "typical" size.  It was good but not the best I've ever had.

For my meal I had the Enchiladas Verdes:
grilled chicken ‡ gordita corn tortilla ‡ queso fresco ‡ pepitas ‡ epazote ‡ salsa verde ‡ avocado ‡ crema fresca

$18 and worth.every.penny.  DELICIOUS!!!  This meal was so good.  Danielle got the same thing and agreed.  The sad part is that I didn't finish and I forgot to take my leftovers.  I hate when that happens.

When we sat down they served chips with 3 sauces - green salsa, red (very hot) salsa and a refried bean dip.  All were good!  Love chips and salsa.

Atmosphere was great.  The restaurant is really nice and it was packed.  We didn't get to sit on the water but pretty close and we enjoyed watching all the big boats come in.

Oh year and did I mention that the menu was an iPad!  Seriously!  Just give me a paper menu and charge me less for my margarita ok?  Thanks!   

I really liked it there and I would definitely go back again.  Yelp reviews that I read were mixed but a lot of negative.  I would give a much better review.  If you live in Boston check it out!

The night before I went out to another new restaurant in Boston.  Emily and I went to Blue Inc for drinks.  I don't watch Hell's Kitchen but the owner/chef of this place was on Season 7.  Jason Santos has blue hair and that is where the name Blue Inc comes from.  I heard Jason on an interview on the radio one morning and it peaked my interested so I wanted to check it out.  It is in a great location right across from the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  The drinks were delicious and reasonable priced by Boston standards.  First round I had a Strawberry Field Forever.  It was light and "summery."  I really liked it.
Strawberry Fields Forever
muddled strawberries, house infused basil
vodka, crushed ice, bubbles $9 
Second round I had a Sangria and while it was different than traditional sangria it certainly did not disappoint.  Emily had one too and liked it as well.
Blue Inc. Sangria
aloe vera, tangerine, a touch of blue $8
Emily had the "special" and I tried it and wish I had ordered it.  It was really yummy.  I guess Jason has won best of Boston for his margaritas!
Jason’s Squeeze Of Tha Week
sauza, grand marnier, juicy melons $8
I wasn't all that impressed with the food portion of the menu so didn't order any food.  Small selection and several things w/ seafood which I don't eat.  I will definitely go back for drinks!  

On my way home (to where I'm dog/house sitting) I realized I was pretty hungry so decided to stop at Five Guys.  Why have I never eaten here before?  OMG so good!  I ordered a grilled cheese and fries and both were so delicious.  Oh and that "regular" order of fries was HUGE!  Three people could have shared it and that is coming from a girl who loves french fries.  I will be going back to Five Guys.  Anyone who can make a good grilled cheese is a friend of mine! :)  

Three new places in one week!  Wow!  Good thing I'm babysitting tonight to make some money so that I can go out again!  

Have you tried any new restaurants lately?  Any good drinks? 


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