Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Roller Skating

YES!  ROLLER SKATING!  AFC Mentoring had a Mentor Appreciation Event for all of the mentors and it was at a local roller skating rink. . . well for those of us (um, me) who don't know how to roller skate this was quite intimidating.  Taylor was all "oh I don't know how to roller skate and I've never done it before and blah blah blah."  Yeah she DOES know how to skate and she was really good.  "Jodi aren't you going to come skate with me?"  Ummm well no b/c you are way too fast and then I won't be skating with you anyways b/c you'll be way ahead of me!  I did make it around once without falling and then I heard they needed help cutting the cake so unfortunately I had to stop skating.  Haha!  

Honestly my only other experience roller skating was at a birthday party (I think) and I fell down and they thought I broke my arm.  I was ok thankfully but I think I have PTSD from it.  

Taylor on the other hand had a great time and did very well skating around the rink and "dancing" around too!  We enjoyed pizza, cake and chatting with the other mentors and mentees.  It was a great afternoon and a nice opportunity to appreciate our youth.

Thanks to everyone at AFC for hosting the event.  It was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to the annual camping trip in Aug!