Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lazy Weekend

This weekend I had a much needed lazy weekend.  I said goodbye to Corkey on Friday night and headed home to my apartment where I hadn't been for 2 weeks.  It was SO nice to sleep in my own bed.  Saturday I made sure to stay in bed as long as possible since I wouldn't be sleeping in it again until Wed night.  I packed up some stuff and went over to Lucy's house (yes I'm dog sitting again)!  After hanging out w/ Lucy for a bit I decided to go to the mall.  I didn't really need anything so it was nice to just walk around and not feel rushed or pressured to find something.  As I was leaving the mall I was trying to figure out what to do next.  The idea of going to the movies came to mind so I checked my movie iPhone app and wouldn't yeah know - Friends With Benefits was starting in 5 minutes!  So I went to the movies alone.  It was nice and cool in the theatre and very relaxing.  I must admit I was quite surprised to see several older/elderyish couples there.  I wouldn't think this would be their type of movie.  Oh well.  It was a cute movie.  Love JT!  Back to Lucy's house after that and took advantage of their porch.  Sat outside and continuing my relaxing!

I went to bed without taking a sleeping pill - something I haven't done in well over a year.  I thought I would "test" it out to see how I would do. I slept ok.  Not the best but not the worst either.  Maybe someday I can get off some of the meds I'm on and my MS and sleeping will be friends in my life again.  Haha!

I tried to figure out what to do today for a while.  I had several big ideas in my head all of which sounded fun.  But then I got tired so I took a nap (for 2 hours) maybe I didn't sleep that well last night after all.  Then I went to get a much needed and overdue oil change.  I'm sure my car is thankful.  Then since I didn't buy anything at the mall yesterday I decided to go to the outlets.  When I go to the outlets I often only go into 1 or 2 stores.  Today I went to The Loft Outlet only.  I had a coupon (thanks AAA) and found a gray pencil skirt which was good b/c I had looked for one last winter.  I also got a cute top and a pair of sunglasses for 10 bucks!
Since I was only a few minutes from my brother's house I went to visit Peyton and Ella before they leave on vacation for the week.  Neely was very happy to see me as usual.  I must admit she is getting better which is good especially since I get so itchy from her licking my arms and biting on me!  She is so big now too!  I'm guessing full grown by now. . .

I think I have mentioned before how she likes to lay on people's shoulders along the back of the couch.  Well here she is.  Crazy dog!! 

I talked my brother into taking us to Five Guys for dinner (it wasn't too hard).  Peyton ate pickles and ketchup for dinner.  Yum. 

We ended the evening a the playground.  Let me tell you even at 5:30 PM it was still HOT!  We had fun anyways.  Notice Peyton's foot?  She had an "injury" while at dinner and a wet paper towel made it feel "much better."  Haha!  Kids!  Glad to see her "injury" didn't stop her from running and jumping around the entire playground.

Back to Lucy's house waiting for the Men Tell All show to start.  I love relaxing weekends.  I have a busy week at work including several after work committee meetings but then I have a 3 day weekend on the Cape.  Can't wait!


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