Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beach Fun

Last weekend Joana, Carter and I took an afternoon trip to Revere Beach to check out the sandcastles.  The rest of Boston had the same idea as us and finding parking wasn't easy!  We then made the long walk to the beach.
Carter enjoyed playing in the sand with just a rock.  Oh and let's not forget the very sandy faced kiss he gave me.  It is a good thing he is so cute! xoxo
Fried Dough + Slush = Best Beach Dinner Ever!!!

How do you take a picture of a very active 2 year old on the beach?  Well let him throw sand of course.  Carter sat still, dug up some sand with his hands, then. . . . threw it up over his head!  Hey whatever works right!?

We went with the purpose of seeing the sand castles which were being judged last Sat.  We didn't stay to hear who won but I found out afterwards that my favorite won. . . the turtle.  Isn't that the coolest?  Not sure how it is hollow inside but I was impressed!  I definitely think that one deserved first place.  

Remember the top photo I posted a couple of weeks ago?  I happen to be "working" on the beach while it was in process.  The bottom photo is the finished castle.  So cool to see it all done after seeing all the hard work they put in.

We had a nice afternoon.  Carter is a beach baby and would have played all night but had to get him home for bed.  Looking forward to our next beach day!