Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zoo, Celebrating Father's Day and Other Stuff

How's that for a title?  I've been a bad blogger!  How do y'all do it?  I can't seem to keep up w/ everything - work, blogging, family, life. . . I've just been so tired lately and the last thing I feel like doing after work is writing.  So that is why my blog has been quiet.  Hoping to get things back to a more normal schedule soon.  I was trying to think of some other/new things to write about.  This is where YOU come in.  What would you like to hear from me?  More about MS?  Adoption?  Ask the Clinical Social Worker?  Mentoring?  Volunteering?  My Past Travel Experiences?  More pictures of my nieces (don't answer that b/c you are getting them no matter what!  Ha!)?  So leave a comment and let me know.  I need some inspiration!

Ok now onto the zoo!  Last Saturday I went to the zoo in Boston, the Franklin Park Zoo, for the first time ever.  Not sure why I've never been there but glad I finally got to check it out.  It is actually a pretty nice zoo. It is smaller than other zoos I've been to but it has some great exhibits, was very clean and easy to get around. I took Peyton and Ella and we met up w/ my friend Joana and her son Carter (my surrogate nephew).  The girls and Carter have met before and they always have fun together so today was no different!  The pictures should speak for themselves.

As you can see we had a lot of fun!  The weather had been rainy all week and it was overcast that day.  The good things about that is that it wasn't crowded and it wasn't hot!  The only bad part was that the giraffes weren't out and the petting zoo wasn't open "due to the weather."  Still not sure what that was all about!

On Sunday my family celebrated Father's Day.  We went to Kimball Farm for food, fun and ice cream (of course)!  My parent's have been going here since they were kids w/ their parents and my brothers and I have gone since we were kids.  Now Peyton and Ella are a part of the tradition (they've been several times already)!  Of course they love it as much as we all do.

Ella (on right) decided to stick out her tongue for the picture and she thought she was pretty funny.  So of course Peyton had to do it too!  Monkey see monkey do!!

Lots of ice cream!  Kimball's is famous for their banana splits.  It is tradition to get one!  Mine is the one in the bottom left corner.  Don't worry I didn't eat it all!  As you can see we all enjoyed our ice cream!

Ella decided to eat my ice cream after eating her own!  I had "purple" ice cream (black raspberry) which she likes.  After me she moved on to Scott's ice cream to help him too.  I think she got enough!

We also had time for some golf (the boys), the batting cages (the boys again) and a pony ride (Ella).  It was a great afternoon with beautiful weather (for once)!

Woo I'm done!  I think I would be able to blog more often if I didn't use so many pics.  It takes forever to put all the pics in.  And while I was doing this blogger "told" me that I need more photo storage space b/c I've reached my limit so need to figure that out.  Blogger has been annoying me (and many others) lately and I'm not happy about the limitations w/ uploading pics right now.  Hope they fix that! 

Oh and WELCOME to my new followers!  Glad you stopped by and hope you like my blog.  Maybe when I reach 100 followers I'll do my first ever give away!?

As usual I have not proof read this post so if there are typos then there are typos!  I did enough proof reading in college and grad school.  My blog can by imperfect!  Ha!

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  1. looks like fun! I enjoyed the pictures.

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