Monday, June 20, 2011

A Weekend Filled With Outside Activities

On Saturday while everyone else in Massachusetts was doing this. . .
I was doing this. . .
I took Peyton and Ella strawberry picking.  We met up w/ one of my oldest friends, Kendall and her daughter, Riley (and baby brother who will be here in September)!  We got there as soon as they opened and glad we did b/c it very quickly got hot and crowded!  We had a great time.  Here is a recap of our day in mostly pictures. . . 


Once Ella and Riley learned they could actually eat the strawberries that is ALL they did.  Pick and eat, pick and eat.  Needless to say their baskets remained empty until Kendall and I helped.  Oh and noticed that Peyton is not eating strawberries. . . she doesn't like them but has her own snack bag!

My favorite picture from the day is the one in the center of Peyton with the "baby" goat (her favorite).  I was w/ Ella and the sheep and I look over and Peyton is having a conversation w/ the goat and petting him or her.  She is such an animal lover.  It was sweet!  A few minutes later she told me she wanted to bring an "animal" home.  I told her she already has one - a dog and she said she wants a sheep.  I told her to ask her parents.  Ha!  Ella on the other hand did not like the goats but loved the baby sheep.  It was sweet to watch her feeding the baby.  

I love that these three "girly" girls who love to dance and play w/ dolls can get down and dirty in the sandbox.  They would have played there for hours.  Too cute!

Such a great day!  The girls were very dirty which is a sure sign of a fun time.  I'm still enjoying the strawberries we picked which are delicious!  We are looking forward to another playdate with Kendall and Riley soon.

 It is June and that means Taylor and I have been mentor/mentee (aka friends) for 4 years!  We are celebrating our 4th anniversary!  Tay has been through a lot in the past 4 years and I'm so glad I've been able to be a mentor and a friend to her during it all.  It has been so amazing to watch her grow up and turn into a teenager.  When I met her she was only 10 and so young!  She has really matured over the years and I have such a fun time hanging out w/ her.  We celebrated yesterday by doing one of our favorite things-going to the Public Gardens and riding the Swan Boats!!!

I know you are super jealous of our balloon hats.  We were stylin' in those and got a lot of looks from people passing by (I'm sure it was b/c they were envious and not b/c they thought we were crazy)!  Ha!

We had fun walking around the city and seeing all the Bruins signs!

We had lunch and dessert at PF Changs.  I told Taylor this would be the only shot I would buy her until she is 21!  Since these desserts were so small we also had to get an ice cream at JP Licks.  Taylor likes to eat which is great b/c so do I so we always have fun eating out.

Just acting like tourists in front of the John Hancock Building (which is mirrored for those of you who don't live in Boston)!

We had such a great day!  Happy 4th Anniversary to us!  Mentoring is AWESOME!  If you are looking for a great volunteer opportunity check out mentoring in your area.

Now check out Tay and I through the years at the Public Gardens!
An sadly we didn't make it to our favorite spot last year.  We were talking about it yesterday and neither of us could remember why.  Oh well! 


  1. Oh, that looks like a lot of fun... and so yummy!!!!

  2. WOW!! What fantastic photos Jodi. I need to start incorporating more personal photos in mine! You've inspired me :)

  3. So fun! I love to go strawberry picking!! Looks like a great weekend. :)