Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It is summer and I'm so grumpy happy!  Well I'm trying to be happy but to be honest I feel like crap.  Not so sure what it is specifically.  I've just come to accept that with MS comes feeling "crappy."  It is hard to describe exactly what I'm feeling it just isn't normal so therefore I refer to it as crappy.  Trying to stay active but also get plenty of rest and hoping that will help.  Funny story - my friend Noelle and I have been walking 2 nights a week.  We motivate each other and it has been great.  Tonight I was laying in bed moments before needing to leave to meet her contemplating canceling on her b/c I had the WORST headache.  But I dragged myself to the car and on my way to the meeting spot she called and said she had the WORST day and had to cancel.  So much for us motivating each other.  I guess we both just needed a night off.  So in honor of the first day of summer I had strawberry shortcake for dinner and it was delicious!

In all honesty I am excited for summer.  I love summer and it always goes by way too fast.  I'm looking forward to a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather and sun.  I need to make my summer bucket list so that I accomplish a lot of fun things!  What are you most looking forward to this summer? 


  1. I really want to go camping this summer! We're hoping to fit it in around DH's schedule. I also like getting to the beach as much as possible so the puppy can go swimming since she loves it so much:)

  2. I am most looking forward to NOT being in the hospital or laid up in bed all summer! Knock on wood! I am not the vision of good health by any means but I am anticipating this summer to be better than the last one. Here is to some beach trips and maybe even a ......vacation! :-)