Friday, June 17, 2011

Painting With The Moms

I have a lot going on this weekend so instead of trying to do one big weekend recap post on Sunday night I thought I would start now.  Tonight I went to The Paint Bar with my mom, my sister-in-law Jenn, her sister Meghan and their mom Ann.  We bought this for our moms as a Mother's Day gift knowing that it would be a fun night out and we were right!

You may remember that Jenn and I have been to The Paint Bar before.  We celebrated my birthday there in March and had a great time.  Also I won a coupon for a free class so I didn't have to pay for my class tonight.  
Tonight we painted the Boston skyline at night.  Many of you may be wondering how this all works so I took pictures of the process.  The "teacher" takes us through each step and tells us what to do.  You can follow her exactly or you can take some creative freedom and add your own style.  So before you say, "I could never do that" believe me you could!  It is so much fun and I love how everyone's comes out a bit different.  So this is mine.  What do you think????

We had a lot of fun and I think all of our paintings came out beautiful.  I love that my family gets along so well with Jenn's family.  Our families are from the same towns so we've know each other for a long time.  Jenn was two years behind me in school but we had played soccer together as younger kids and went to the same church so we always knew each other.  Many years after high school when she started dating my brother we were all pretty surprised that it was someone we "knew."  Glad he picked a good one to marry!  Haha!

We were joking tonight that Peyton and Ella should get a kick out of the fact that their mother, two aunts and both  grandmothers will all have this painting hanging in our houses.  Whenever they see Jenn's other painting they tell her how beautiful it is so I hope they approve of this one too!  I think they are our biggest fans!

For my local friends I highly recommend The Paint Bar.  The owners Jill and Jackie our wonderful and Jackie is an amazing teacher who keeps things fun all night long.  She plays music and keeps everyone going.  Oh and did I mention that the word "bar" in The Paint Bar refers to an actual bar - like a bar that serves alcoholic beverages.  Yes a little wine or beer definitely helps to make your painting look even better. 

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