Monday, June 6, 2011


Some people who read my blog might think I'm a hypochondriac and if I didn't know me better I might agree.  You see prior to being diagnosed with MS I would have considered myself a healthy person and I still kind of do but then when I start to think about all the health related "issues" I've had over  the past couple of years it makes me chuckle and think I'm a hot mess!  Ha!

Prior to my diagnosis I was never the type of person to rush to the doctor.  It was actually quite the opposite and I would wait a very long time before I would "give in" and call my doctor.  Since my diagnosis I have committed to taking better care of myself and being more aware of what is going on with my body/health.  So when something "different" is going on I am much better about calling the doctor.

When I think about all the medical related stuff I've had in the past couple of years it makes me want to laugh (or cry).  What gives?  Can't I just go back to my old normal self?  Fortunately none of it has been super serious but still enough is enough. 

So the latest is this. . .  I mentioned on my blog about my chest pain prior to going to London.  I went to my doctor and he thought it was viral pleurisy (after a negative chest x-ray).  Fast forward to now and this "issue" has not resolved.  Still having pain so called my doctor and had to be seen again.  Had through exam and ruled out many other things including any cardiac issues.  Now my doctor is leaning toward pulled muscles but he feels it is somewhat unusual that it is not better by now.  Prescribed Vicodin.  If not better by end of month I will have CT scan and blood work.  I'm willing it to be better!  Not sure how I managed to pull muscles in my chest (especially since I never work out) but hoping that is what it is and that it will get better soon.

Enter foot pain.  I had surgery on my right foot about 18 months ago.  After healing for a long time I had been feeling great.  Then I noticed a couple of months ago that my foot was bothering me by the end of the work day (I walk a lot all over the hospital every day) and I thought it was strange but put it out of my mind.  While in London and doing a lot of walking it was bothering me again even when wearing comfortable shoes but I just blamed it on excessive walking.  Well the other day it was hurting so I was massaging the top of my foot on the scar and I felt a bump - the screw?  Hmmm I seem to remember my foot doctor telling me that sometimes (around 10%) the screw has to be removed after surgery.  But I had my left foot done in 2002 and never had any issues.  Could the screw be causing my pain?  Off to the foot doctor today.  Had x-rays first then saw him.  He feels my discomfort is due to the screw.  The good news is that he said my foot looks great overall in regard to alignment, etc.  But the screw is protruding now b/c the scar tissue has reduced over time.  The screw has not actually moved at all.  Makes sense especially considering all the scar tissue I had.  So now I am faced with a decision - surgery to remove screw or no surgery. . . time will tell.  I'm going to continue to evaluate the level of pain in my foot following activities.  If there is a good amount of pain then I will at some point have the surgery.  My doctor said it is a small incision and then he would literally unscrew the screw to remove it, put in a stitch and that is it.  He said the whole surgery takes 5 minutes.  I would be able to walk on it immediately and recover within about 2 weeks.  So we shall see. 

And don't even get me started about my blocked ear that continues to give me issues even after surgery!

So call me what you want - a hot mess, a hypochondriac, a hospital addict (I do work in one and visit one for my own health reasons pretty often haha), or a great advocate for myself.  I'm going with the last one!  Oh and I'll add blessed to the list.  Despite all these annoyances I will never for a moment take for granted my good health and how truly blessed I am.

Here's hoping for a healthy summer!  

P.S. English Holiday-Part 3 is coming tomorrow (hopefully if I can motivate to write it)!


  1. I'm sorry you've had so many medical issues. :( Praying that you get better soon!!


  2. Jodi - I've never read your posts and thought you to be a hypochondriac. I applaud you for writing about your journey with MS, and making it so raw and real. xo