Saturday, June 4, 2011

How Long Would You Wait To Meet Tim Wakefield?

Well I waited 4 hours. Yup you read that right. . . 4 hours!

MS and standing (especially on pavement) just does mix so I resorted to sitting on the sidewalk.  Jenny and I went to the Brookline Booksmith at 3 PM to get in line b/c Tim Wakefield was scheduled to be there from 5 PM to 6 PM to sign his new book, Knuckled.

Well the Red Sox game went into extra innings - 14 to be exact.  So Wakefield couldn't leave Fenway Park and was late.  Thankfully the Red Sox FINALLY won and Wakefield made it to the bookstore by 7 PM.

I gave my friend, Jenny very specific instructions to snap a picture of me w/ Wakefield when he was signing my book.  She wasn't quick enough and got a picture of just him!  So then I asked her to try again w/ me standing off to the side and him in the background.  Another fail.  She was all anxious so the picture is a big blur!  Ha!  I resorted to a stranger who got a pretty good shot.

There had been a long line of people waiting and it amazed me how quickly he moved through that line.  No personalizations so that make it quick.  Oh and for anyone wondering I will be donating this signed book to the silent auction at Jodi Bean's 2nd Annual Fundraiser for MS (which will be this fall).  After all my waiting this book better get a big donation! :)

I laughed when I saw that he had 2 Diet Cokes and 2 Waters.  That is a lot to drink  He was very friendly and chatted w/ each person as he signed their book.

And if I had $1 for every person who walked by and asked what we were waiting in line for I would be a wealthy woman.  Even better were the people who asked, "Who's Tim Wakefield?"  Wow seriously?  Can you live in Boston and not know who he is?  Really?  The funniest were the people who thought there was a line just to get into the store to shop!  We could have really messed w/ people.  Good day overall!!!


  1. Well, I wouldn't wait at all to meet Tim Wakefield. But for Andy Pettitte or basically any other Yankee, I'd wait a while. :) But I'm glad that YOU got to meet him. Haha.

    How do people not know who he is??? Especially in Boston!! Crazy. Lol.