Thursday, June 9, 2011

English Holiday-Part 3

I know if it taking me a while to blog about my entire vacation. . .sorry for the delays. Work has been busy since I've been back and emotionally draining so by the time I get home from work all I want to do in lay around and not think (and for me blogging requires thinking). So better late than never right?!

But first you should read English Holiday-Part 1 and English Holiday-Part 2 if you haven't yet!

Day 6-Thursday 

On Thursday Stacy had to work 1/2 a day so I made a plan to do a couple of things on my own.  I really wanted to go to Harrods b/c I just find this store fascinating.  So I set off to do some window shopping before heading to a matinee of Blood Brothers.

Thursday was the first and only day I saw some rain.  Just a few showers and honestly this was the best day for it since my plans were for activities inside.

Harrods is a massive store and you would probably needs days to see everything in it.  To me the first floor is the best.  It is where all of the food is!  You can find literally everything and anything here.  There is a grocery store, flower shop, butcher shop, cheese shop, wine bar, cigar shop, so many restaurants, more tea selection than you could ever imagine, a bakery, champagne bar, a Krispy Kream and SO much more!  But do people really come in here to buy watermelon or cereal?

Oh and the sweets!  If you have a sweet tooth this is the place for you (or many the place to avoid!)  There are two rooms filled with candy, cupcakes, gelato, candy, cookies, and MORE candy!  They have everything from "regular" candy all the way to very fancy candy.  I don't know how you would choose!  I skipped the candy and cupcakes but couldn't resist the nutella gelato.  Wow!  I love nutella and I love gelato and to see these two things combined . . . Yum!!  I love walking through these rooms and feel a little like a kid in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory - this might be as close as you get!

Then there is the tourist trap room!  It is almost like a college bookstore but instead of the name of a college everything says Harrods.  And I mean everything. . . key chains, notebooks, toy buses and taxis, tea, shirts, aprons, magnets, umbrellas, dolls, bears, bags, candy, pens, and lots of other "stuff."  Would you believe I didn't buy anything?  I didn't!  I already have a sweet bear from Harrods from when I lived there and I had already bought my nieces gifts at a more affordable store so I really didn't need anything!  Just had fun looking!

There must be 1000 people who work there on a daily basis!  They all dress the "part" and depending on the dept they work in they wear a specific uniform.  I would have taken pics but didn't want to get arrested.  Ha!  

After "shopping" it was time to head to a show.  I had heard from many people that Blood Brothers was worth seeing while in London so I figured I would check it out.  I wanted to see something that I knew I couldn't see in the States.  Finding the theatre was nearly impossible!!!!!!!  People in London have no idea where things are and I must have been sent in 4 different directions.  I finally found it just a few minutes before the show started which may have helped me at the box office b/c I got a great deal.  I paid 20 pounds for a ticket in the 5th row!  That ticket would have normally been A LOT more.  It must have been field trip day b/c there were 100s of high school students.  They were SO loud and then like magic as soon as the show started - silence.  I was impressed!  The show was really good.  It is very "British" and therefore not the typical type of musical that is all happy and smiley.  It is a sad story line and while it is a musical is is more about the story with singing.  No big dance numbers or anything like that.  I really liked it.  Some of the people in the show were outstanding!  Quite an interested story which hit close to home for me since I was an adoption social worker for 5 years and adoption is a "hot topic" for me.

After the show it was time to meet up with Stacy for dinner.  We met at Texas Embassy which was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in London in college.  I think we liked it b/c it reminded us a little of home and 12 years ago (when we lived there) there weren't a lot of great food options or American food options.  I can't get over how far the food/restaurant industry has come in London.  There are SO many more options now including a Chipolte!  Anyways back to our dinner. . . we had a drink and some pretty good Mexican food while catching up about our days.  It was nice to be back in a familiar spot that held a lot of memories from my college days!

After dinner we decided to walk around some more.  Wouldn't you know it we came upon a TK Maxx!  It was just like home but the J was replaced w/ a K.  Not sure why but I'll have to google that and see if I can find out.  We went in of course and it felt like home.  After that we went to a great bookstore that I use to go to in college and I bought my nieces each a book (shhhh don't tell I haven't given them yet).  Our final stop was a wine bar for an after dinner drink before going home.  It was another great day. 


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  3. Holy cow, I want to go to London now just to see Harrod's! I had no idea it had so much stuff - I thought it was just a fancy clothing store. I have a major sweet tooth, so I'd definitely have to budget for that part of the trip.

  4. That nutella gelato sounds delish! I've been to London but it was a long time ago and I would love to go back:)

  5. I've seen Harrods at the Heathrow airport, and love it!! How nice to have an entire shop in London like that (the Heathrow one is probably just a small version...) !