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English Holiday-Part 2

Day 4-Tuesday
On Tuesday morning Stacy and I made our way to Paddington Station to catch a train for our overnight in the Cotswolds.  We decided to spend our time in Burton-on-the-Water which is a very small town.  We stayed at a cute bed and breakfast type placed called Coach and Horses.  It was very nice unfortunately a bit of a walk to the main part of town (so just like in London we continued to walk a lot)!!

Stacy and I were the youngest two people in town b/c there seemed to be a large tour of "older" adults!  Ha!  Luckily it wasn't crowded at all since it is still off season and we had beautiful weather.  When we got there Stacy wasn't feeling well so we rested for a little while before heading out.  Later that afternoon we made our way downtown and walked around.  It was so pretty!

We walked by this home a few times and had seen the cat hanging out.  This particular time the cat was sleeping on the wall and to me this was such a classic shot.  It looks like an English postcard!  I don't even like cats but I just thought this was sweet.

All the homes and buildings in town are the same color but with all the gardens that add color it is just so pretty.  We were so lucky to get sunny days and just enjoyed walking around and maybe we did a little peeking in some windows!
I'm sure you are wondering about the "water" since it is called Burton-on-the-Water. . . here it is!  A little river runs through the center of town and there are a lot of ducks who are fed by all of the tourists which seems to make them pretty friendly.

There really isn't much to do in this town.  Walking around and checking out the shops didn't take too long and we weren't quite hungry for dinner yet.  But don't worry we found something to do. . . 

There is always a pub open in England!  We sat outside on this patio and soaked up some sun while enjoying a pint.  I love vacations!!

After "happy hour" we went to dinner and to our surprise we needed a reservation.  Turns out all the old people had made reservations and the placed was booked.  Fortunately there was one little table in the corner and we were able to squeeze in there.  We both had lasagna for dinner and it was SO good.  The best part was dessert - we shared traditional English sticky toffee pudding.  Yum!  It was very good.  It is a good thing that we had to walk home b/c we needed to burn off all that food.  We saw the sunset over the big pasture and the sky looked beautiful.  We settled in for the night and booked relaxed by reading our books (I started The Help - review to come later).

Day 5-Wednesday
I love horseback riding when on vacation.  I think it is such a nice way to see a different view of where you are visiting.  The place was just a couple minute walk from where we were staying and Stacy and I rode with 2 other tourists (a mother and young daughter) and 2 guides.  

They brought out 2 horses for Stacy and I.  One was black and one was white.  They let us choose and Stacy wanted to ride the black one which worked out well b/c I liked the white one!  I'm glad Stacy chose b/c as you will learn later in this post her horse was a bit naughty!

My horse is "Silver" and Stacy's horse is "Minky."  As you can already see in the above picture Minky is frisky!
The horses were very pretty and seemed to be well taken care of.  The guides were nice too but I was disappointed that they really discourage taking pictures.  I was told I couldn't bring my camera but I brought it anyways (yeah I'm a big rebel).  I tried to sneak a few pics but it wasn't easy.  They were watching us and constantly saying "two hands on the reigns at all times."  They told us they would take pictures and post them online but they only took one and it was a random candid!  So for that reason only I wouldn't give them that high of a rating but otherwise it was a nice experience.

We rode through some beautiful areas with great views.  As we were riding by a large pasture where some of their horses take a "holiday" one of the horses came sprinting toward us while naying very loud.  He was so excited to see his friends walking by.  It was so sweet and we joked that he was going to jump the fence!  

After riding through the pastures we made our way into another small town nearby and even got to go into the river.  The horses seemed to really like the water!  After that we made our way back and this is when Stacy's horse caused some major trouble.  We were walking along the path (Stacy was behind me so I only saw the aftermath) and Stacy's horse kicked one of the other horses which made that horse jump and the lady fell off - luckily in that grassy field above so it made for a softer landing.  Stacy screamed b/c her horse reacted to the whole situation as well.  Luckily the whole thing happen while we were walking slowly so nobody got hurt!  

After all that excitement we needed a drink!  We actually grabbed our bags and went downtown to wait for the bus.  While we waited we sat at an outdoor cafe and enjoyed people watching and yes a drink.  I had a Pimms and it came in a special glass with a special stirrer.  That kind of stuff excites me.  I wanted to take it but Stacy told me not too! :)

One last quick pic before jumping on the bus.  We decided to head to the next town over, Stow, for a late lunch and to walk around there before heading back to London.

The center of town was shaped in a circle with little shops all around it.  It was very small and easy to walk around quickly.  We went to a restaurant that had a big outdoor patio in the back.  We were the only ones out there and it was really nice and relaxing.

We both ordered the same thing a "jacket potato" with baked beans and cheese.  When I lived in London this was one of my favorite things to eat so I of course was hoping to find it on a few menus.  It was as good as I remembered!

No meal would be complete w/o a drink.  I tried a new English Cider. . .

and Stacy had her usual, a glass of wine!  It was a nice lunch and a relaxing end to our mini vacation!

We had a great time in the Cotswolds.  We took the train back to London that evening.  This night I did some "research" on the internet b/c on Thursday Stacy needed to work 1/2 a day which was going to give me some free time.  Stay tuned for what I did. . .



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