Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

My grandfather, Paul and his wife, Lee (they have been married for a long time now but I've never referred to her as my grandmother and we actually call my grandfather Paul) drove from Michigan to Massachusetts to visit us/take a vacation. The last time they were here was two years ago for Ella's baptism so it was nice to have them back!

On Friday night we have a really nice dinner.  We were at the restaurant for about 4 hours!  We enjoyed a lot of good food and conversation.  I got home later that night then I do on nights I go out w/ my friends.  Paul and Lee know how to party! 

My grandfather is a hero.  He is a veteran of the Korean War, WWII and Vietnam.  He was a POW and it is amazing to me that he survived so much during the wars!  He is a great guy and still living life to the fullest.  He came to Ireland w/ us several years ago and travels w/ Lee regularly.  Hopefully it won't be another 2 years before we are all together again.

My mom is an only child so it was just her and her parents when she was growing up!  Now her dad lives in MI and her mom lives in FL!   Several years ago my parents, my brothers and I all went to MI for my grandfather's surprise 75th birthday party and to see Notre Dame play MI in football.  It was a really fun weekend. 

On Saturday my mom was babysitting the girls so Paul and Lee came over to her house to see them.  I went too b/c I wanted to see the girls one more time before I leave for London.  Paul and Lee couldn't wait to see the girls since the last time they saw them Peyton was 1 and Ella was a newborn.  The girls were a little shy at first but warmed up after getting presents!  Trying to get a picture of the 4 of them was not easy b/c the girls were tired and hungry.  We had a lot of fun hanging out.

Saturday night when I got home I had no electricity so no tv, internet or anything fun for me.  I went to bed early!  Today I took my friend Joana's son, Carter to have professional photos taken.  He turned 2 last week and this was my gift to him.  He was so good and the pictures came out so cute!  We had too many good ones to choose from.  Tonight I actually did some packing - well not actually packing but organizing which is leading to packing.  Suitcase is out and a few things are near it.  Talked to Stacy on Skype today and we planned most of the week.  I'm really excited b/c we have some great things planned including tea at the Savoy, an overnight in the Cotswolds, seeing Billy Elliot the musical, eating, pubs, visiting my old neighborhood and pub, shopping and so much more.  Can't wait. . . .