Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Two Kisses for Maddy" {and some other stuff}

Finally I can write a blog post! This week has been crazy. I finally had time to write on Thursday night and blogger was down. Then Friday it was still down! When it finally started working again I was out for the night. Then my plan was to blog on Sat night when I got home and I get home and the electricity is out in my building and the whole neighborhood. So blogging has not been on my side this week. Haha! But finally today I can catch up so here goes. . .

Thursday night I went to hear Matt Logelin read from his book "Two Kisses for Maddy." If you don't know who Matt is I strongly recommend you check out his blog. Matt's wife, Liz died 27 hours after their daughter Maddy was born. Matt's blog chronicles his life with Maddy and is the most honest blog I've read. He is a traveling fool which I love and he has taken Maddy to so many amazing places.

Matt read from his book and answered questions.  He is a really cool guy.  He seems very humbled by the attention he has received and still seems in shock that people would want to come and meet him.  He is very down to earth and has not let the "fame" change him.  I love that.

When Maddy gets older and it will be really amazing for her to be able to read the blog and the book.  She will learn so much about her mother and her father's love for both of them.  What an awesome gift!

I love when people take something bad that has happen in their life and make something good of it.  Matt started a foundation called the Liz Logelin Foundation which gives grants to young widows and widowers.

Very fun night.  So glad Matt came to Boston and that I had the chance to meet him.  I REALLY can't wait to read the book (even though I'm sure I'll cry through the whole thing).  I'll be sure to tell you how it is but if it is anything like the blog then I know it will be incredible.

P.S.  On Friday I had a "comp day" from work and thought it would be a relaxing day at home with time for a pedicure.  That was not to be.  I hadn't been feeling well but figured it was just due to work stress and being exhausted.  But I also felt like someone had punched my in the chest and thought I better see the doctor before the weekend.  So went to my doctor who thought it was viral and likely pleurisy.  He sent me for a chest x-ray to make sure nothing else was going on.  X-ray was negative which is good.  So he told me to take anti-inflammatory meds (aka Advil) to help the pain from the pleurisy.  So trying to take it easy so that I can get better before London.  Weird thing is that I've only had pleurisy one other time in my life and it was when I came home from my semester in London (I literally went from airport to doctor b/c I was so sick).  Now I'm going to London on Friday and I get pleurisy again?  Strange!!!!  Pleurisy is not invited to London and I am on a mission to be healthy by Friday.  Trying not to laugh, sneeze, cough or do anything else which causes pain!

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  1. Thanks for posting! I hadn't heard of him before but am anxious to go check out his blog!