Monday, May 2, 2011

Health Update

Ok so for those of you who have been asking how I'm doing here is the long awaited health update. . . for those of you who could care less stop reading now.

On Sunday I have my routine MRI. They were running behind schedule due to a prior emergency so I ended up waiting an hour before going in which made me very cranky. But I got over it especially when my neurologist called me this morning to tell me my MRI looked "great with no changes sine the last one!" I was happy to hear this.

Vitamin B-12
I've been taking vitamin B-12 for a little over a month now so time to have lab work done to see what my level is.  I plan to do it in the next day or two at the lab at work then they will send the results to my neurologist.

So you may remember that a while back I started taking a medication to help the MS fatigue called Provigil which was working ok.  The other day I needed a refill and when my neurologist called it in the insurance wanted to approve Nuvigil which is basically the same med just a different compound.  So I started taking it and the first two nights I had insomnia (which meant I was wide awake long before the Royal Wedding on Fri morning).  This weekend I slept better.  So I'm going to stick w/ the Nuvigil for a few more days.  Hoping my body will adjust and I'll be able to sleep ok.  I have noticed I have more energy which I think is due to the Nuvigil (and the sunny, warm weather doesn't hurt either).

I went for my 3 month post-op apt today.  You may remember I went back for an unscheduled apt about 1 month ago b/c my ear was really bothering me.  At that time my left eardrum did not look like a "normal" eardrum but instead had numerous red blood vessels visible.  Well today both eardrums looked normal!  Strange but good.  When I was there a month ago the doctor suggested I take Alieve twice a day b/c if my ear issue was due to a jaw issue that would help.  Well it did!  So the plan is for me to continue taking Alieve once a day, use a new nasal spray in the AM and get a mouth guard b/c it is likely that I clench my teeth which isn't good.  Then I go back in 3 months to see how I'm doing.  At least we are figuring things out and my ear is not as bad as it was a month ago!

Feeling pretty good all around!  Got good news regarding my MRI and ENT stuff so that is good too!  Hoping to stay healthy especially since the nice weather is FINALLY here and I want to be active and busy.  For those of you who have asked thank you for caring.  I always appreciate knowing you are thinking about me especially on the hard days which MS can throw at you w/ no warning!

In other news did you know that today is Melanoma Monday? So for those of you who like to go tanning or lay out w/ no sunscreen I think you should check this website out!  I recently had a skin check and it was so quick and easy but SO important.  If you haven't had one you should.  Melanoma is not something to mess around with and catching it as early as possible is crucial.  Ok done w/ my public service announcement for today.

Don't feel like blogging so this boring post is all you are getting from me today!  Hopefully I will feel more motivated and have something to talk about tomorrow.

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