Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Third Times The Charm!

As I've mentioned before this was The Bean Team's THIRD time walking at the Boston MS Walk. As I was looking at the pictures from the 2011 walk I was thinking about the past two walks and how much my life has change since that first walk (well really since my diagnosis). I honestly can't believe how quickly time passes and that I have already had MS long enough to participate in 3 walks. It is strange how sometimes I feel like I was literally diagnosed yesterday and other times I feel like it was FOREVER ago.

I know I have changed in many ways and I've stayed the same in some ways too.  I laugh when I look at the pictures of me from each year at the walk - mainly b/c in 2009 I was on major doses of steroids and boy can you tell by looking at my face!  It is chubby!  Ha!  In the ways you can't see I think I've changed for the better or improved (hopefully).  You always hear that you never know what you can handle until you have to handle it and I think that is very true in my case.  I never imagined living my life with a chronic illness and if you had asked me if I could "handle it" I would have thought no way!  But I am handling it and quite well if I do say so myself.  Don't get me wrong I struggle (often) but who doesn't living with or without MS?  I think I have learned to appreciate the "little things" more, I think I take less for granted now, I'm more empathetic to my patients or just understand them in a new and different way. . . and so many other ways I'm sure but can't seem to put my thoughts into words right now.  How do you think I've changed?

And just for fun and because I'll take every opportunity I can get to post pictures of my adorable nieces!  Here is Peyton "through the years" at the MS Walks.  I love seeing how she has changed.  I can still remember her at the first walk and how much fun she had!  

Oh Miss Ella. . . so adorable!  Not easy to get a good picture of her now that she is a running and dancing fool but here she is.  Ella also has such a great time at the walks.  I love that both of my nieces are growing up doing "volunteer" work for a great cause from such a young age.  I think it is great that they are being exposed to giving back to the community and get to see how much fun it is to do!


  1. Congrats Jodi! What an accomplishment :)

  2. Aww, they're so cute! And congrats on your 3rd walk. And on your fundraising!! Wow.

  3. You've got so much courage! You deserve to be so proud of yourself!