Thursday, April 14, 2011

MS MileStones Gala

On Tuesday nigh I went to the MS MileStones Gala at the Boston Sheraton Hotel.  My cousin, Katelyn, who is running the Boston Marathon for the MS team got the invite and took me!  I didn't find out until Monday so it was a little crazy since "I had nothing to wear" but all worked out well.  I love a fun night out (but really can't stay out late and drink like I use to - boy was I exhausted the next day)!

Katelyn and I during the cocktail hour.  Yes Katelyn is much taller than me even when I have on HIGH heels and yes it was an open bar! :)  There was a lot of finger foods and a silent auction with a lot of awesome prizes.  I didn't bid on any though - couldn't even afford the starting bids!

Still during cocktail hour but in this one Katelyn took off her shoes to get to my height!  Ha!  This is to show of our beautiful dresses.  We both bought new dresses at The Limited - Katelyn the night before and me the day of!  I love my dress and had to have it when I saw it online.  It is such a fun party dress and I hope to get a few more wears out of it this spring/summer.  The best part is that even though it is brand new at the store it was on sale and so was the shrug - I got both for $90 bucks which is such a great deal!  I already had jewelry hat matched the dress perfectly so I was excited about that too.

Right at the end of the cocktail hour I had a chance to meet David Osmond, who has MS, and was the guest speaker/performer for the night.  He was very nice and outgoing!  He even told me "great dress."  So I guess all my frantic running around an hour before the gala was worth it!  Haha!

It was a full sit down dinner.  Anthony Everett kicked off the evening.  For those of you who don't know Anthony is a Boston celebrity and hosts a show called Chronicle.  His mother had MS and has since died.  He is very committed and actively involved with the Greater New England Chapter of the MS Society.  I've seen him for the last 3 years at the Boston MS Walk but had never met him until this event.  He was really nice and seemed down to earth.

 He shared some of his personal story/experiences. 

Katelyn and I at the table for dinner.  The food was great except the main course was filet mignon and I don't eat steak (or any red meat for that matter) so I asked for the vegetarian option which was roasted veggies and some starch side that I still am not sure what it was - kind of potato like but tasting kind of corn like?  Not sure.  My food was ok.  Katelyn and others at the table said their food was delicious!  Dessert was yummy- cheesecake and more wine of course (well for me Katelyn is running a marathon on Monday so she had to lay low on the drinking)!

This is Doug with Katelyn.  Doug is the one who invited us (well Katelyn who then invited me).  Doug is on the MS Marathon team with Katelyn and his company buys a table.  He had to extra tickets so we got to go.  Thanks Doug for inviting us!  I had a lot of fun!

After the dinner they did a presentation of two awards.  The award recipients were extremely deserving and inspirational.  Following that David Osmond spoke and sang.  He shared a lot of his personal story including things about his famous family and his "new" family of his wife, daughter and baby on the way.  He was very candid and funny at times.  He shared the serious struggles he has faced due to MS but he also shared about all of the blessings he has been fortunate to receive.  He is very positive.  He is an awesome speaker - so at ease on stage (are all the Osmonds like that?)  I guess it is in his genes.  He didn't have anything written down and just talked from his head (or heart) and it was so good.  I admire people who can do public speaking like that.  After he spoke he sang two songs.  He has a new CD out and is still actively pursuing a music career while also bringing awareness to MS.  I am sure he will continue to many greats things in the MS community and for the National MS Society.

Milestones gala 2011: Raising awareness of MS:

Here is an interview David did the morning of the event.  He says some of the same things in this interview that he said to us so this will give you an idea of what he talked about.  The one thing he said in this interview that I found interesting was that he is not on any medical treatment for his MS - not the route I choose to take but I guess it is working for him.

Bernie and Phyl, also Boston "celebrities" were at the gala.  Phyl has MS and was an award recipient last year.

The event was a lot of fun and I'm glad I could go.  It was nice to see another side of things (meaning the high rollers side) since I'm usually at events that are all "regular" people.  At the end of the event the emcee asked for donations starting with $2500 down to $100 in a live auction style.  I think they raised $20,000 in less than 5 minutes - just amazing!  Oh and by the way I find live auctions very stressful!  They had 3 items them auctioned off and it was so fast and crazy!!

I have a couple more MS related events to attend in the next several days.  On Saturday night I will go with Katelyn to a spaghetti dinner for all the MS Team who is running the marathon.  She is allowed to bring family so I'm her date!  Looking forward to it.  Still so inspired by Katelyn and the other runners.  Then on Monday I will be out of Comm Ave to watch Katelyn (and like a million) other people run!  Can't wait!!  Look for blog updated about both.


  1. Thanks for the great blog post Jodi. I'm glad your pictures came out well!

    It was my 1st time at the gala to and I agree that it's nice to see the more formal events.

    The paddle raise and auction were stressful for me too, because I was in the back with credit card slips and had to approach the winners/donors as soon as they comitted so we could process their donations.

  2. That IS a great dress! Looks like a pretty great night!! :)

  3. Wow this post is so heartwarming!! I am so happy that so much money was raised in such a short amount of time. You look great here, Jodi!! Have fun on Monday at the race!!!!!