Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marathon Expo and Pre-Marathon MS Dinner

Tomorrow is MARATHON MONDAY!  I sure the majority of my blog readers know by now that my cousin, Katelyn, is running her first ever marathon and she is running it for MS!  She is a member of the Marathon Strides Against MS team and has raised over $4,000 for MS (and this is in addition to the $12,500+ that The Bean Team raised for the Boston MS Walk)!

The city is ready for the big day - there are porta-potties everywhere!  Haha!  There are also many banners around the city and this is just one of the many. 

On Saturday night we went to the Sports and Fitness Expo at the Hynes Convention Center.  This is where the runners pick up their numbers.  This event is HUGE with literally 100s of vendors selling everything related to running that you can imagine.  There also also a lot of free samples (of drinks and bars) and a lot of other marathons trying to recruit runners (Disney, Rock and Rock, Dublin, etc).

We walked around the expo for a little while and make sure to get some photos!  Katelyn and her running partner, Beth plan to stay together for the marathon since they run at the same pace and have trained together.  Beth is on the team and running for her aunt who had MS.

There were so many people at the expo you could hardly walk around.  I had never been to it before (even though I have been to the marathon numerous times) and was pretty impressed with the whole thing.  You could feel all the energy in the room radiating of all the excited runners!

Katelyn is all ready for the big day.  She has been training for 22 weeks and feels prepared to do it.  She is excited and happy that it is finally here!

After the expo we went to the pasta dinner put on by the Greater New England Chapter of the National MS Society.  There were many of the Marathon Strides Against MS team members and their families.

There was pasta of course but there was also salad, chicken, veggies and bread! 

You would think I was the one running the marathon by the amount of food on my plate!  I also enjoyed 2 mini cannolis for dessert!  Yum!!

After dinner there were several speakers.  The team captain who has run over 10 marathons (and has MS) spoke and was really good.  Two other team members shared their experiences as well.  To close the evening the team coach shared some final advice to the runners!  It was great.

I'm so happy Katelyn invited me to be a part of the evening.  I'm so proud of her already and she hasn't even run the marathon yet.  She has already accomplished so much and she is an inspiration to me!  I can't wait to cheer her on tomorrow and then party afterwards!  I will be sure to post a marathon recap so you can see how she did.


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