Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Laney's Baptism

My cousin's baby, Laney, was baptised on Sunday.  She was such a well behaved baby during the entire thing and didn't even cry when the priest poured water on her head. 

My cousin Chad, his wife Meghan and Laney.  Laney is 8 weeks old now and they are such great parents.  They are pretty relaxed especially for first time parents and seem to really be enjoying Laney!

Laney looking cute with her pretty dress and pink binky!

My uncle Bill, cousin Katelyn, cousin Chad, cousin-in-law Meghan and aunt Nancy (I have a small family - besides the people in this picture I have one other aunt, a grandmother and a grandfather)!

Laney in her pretty dress that her mother wore at her baptism too!

Laney sleeping soundly in my arms!  She is such a good baby!  She had a very busy weekend with being baptised on Sunday and watching her Auntie Katelyn run the marathon on Monday!

I had a lot of family time this weekend and have seen Katelyn MANY times this week.  We joked that after Easter we will have to plan a get together so that we don't go into withdrawal. . .

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