Monday, April 18, 2011

Katelyn Ran the Boston Marathon!!!!!!!!

Today Katelyn accomplished something that only a select group of people can said they have accomplished . . . she ran the Boston Marathon.  Not only did she complete it but she raised over $4,000 for MS to get a number.  So she was training and fundraising for the last several months and the big day finally came!  It was a great day with great weather (for the fans maybe a bit hot for the runners).  We had so much fun waiting for her.  I'm exhausted and I didn't run but all that adrenalin gets you tired!

 Katelyn had a LARGE cheering section at the top of Heartbreak Hill!  We had a lot of fun waiting for her and looking for her!  Once we saw her we all started yelling and cheering (and Ella rang the cow bell haha)!

Katelyn looked great and even made time to say hello and give some high fives!  Doug one of her running friends was right there with you and we cheered loudly for him too!  As soon as Katelyn passed us we were off too. . .

A bunch of us jumped in a car to race downtown to see Katelyn cross the finish line.  We scored an awesome parking space on Newbury St. (not an easy accomplishment in Boston).  We went to the finish line and it was 3 rows thick with people so we walked back a little bit after the finish line.  Then we jumped the gate/fence thing and waited, and got yelled at, and moved a little, then moved back, and waited, and got yelled at, AND THEN. . . she was coming!!!!  We got as close as we could and saw her cross the finish line.  In the top right picture you can see her high fiving Doug right after they crossed.

The runners then have to walk like another mile down the street.  They get water, Gatorade, food, tinfoil blankets and their medals.  We walked with Katelyn (and found out later we weren't suppose to but oh well).  We then made our way to the Park Plaza hotel for the Marathon Strides Against MS team party.  Katelyn go a massage and a shower while we ate some food and drank some wine!  It was a good time and great to be able to support Katelyn.

It was such a fun day!  I'm so proud of Katelyn for this achievement.  Does she have "the bug" and will she be running another marathon?  The jury is still out. . . there might be a MS bike event in her future (and mine).  For now we will just let her get some much deserved rest and relaxation!!!


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