Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Dog Park

I really like going to the dog park. Is it weird that I like going even though I don't have a dog? Well at least I bring a dog when I go. Imagine if I started hanging out at the dog park by myself? Then I may need an intervention!


On Sunday I took Lucy, Neely and Peyton (not a dog) to the dog park.  Peyton  wanted to sit at the picnic table so of course Neely had to join her.  Not sure why Neely was standing like this but Peyton copied her and was so proud of herself.  It gave me a good laugh!  Lucy didn't want to play along (her legs are too short to master that pose anyways!)

Standing guard over the dog park and making sure the other dogs know who's boss!  Even thought Neely is new to the park she isn't wasting anytime taking charge.  Haha! 

I guess nobody told her that the picnic tables are for the owners not the dogs!  Neely LOVES the dog park.  She has so much fun running around and playing with all the other dogs.

Neely was so tired that she laid down on the floor.  She was in the front seat b/c I had my mom's car and there are 2 car seats in the back.  She is too funny!

Oh and "that guy" was at the dog park.  He came over and said hello to me and we chatted for a few minutes.  Then I had to run over to where Peyton and Neely were (they had run off and I didn't want her to get knocked over by the dogs) and while I was doing that he left since he had already been there a while.  Too funny!  When I told one of my brother's about this he asked if there were any single women at the dog park!  Haha!