Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Celebrating

I'm home!!! Yay!  After a trip to Kentucky, a vacation to Florida and house/dog sitting I'm finally home and happy to be here.  My house in a complete DISASTER since I haven't unpacked from any of those excursions but that is ok.  I had a very busy weekend and another one coming up because it is the Boston MS Walk.  Very exciting that the walk is only days away.  You can expect plenty of pictures and updates about that afterwards.  Anyways on to the celebrating. . .

Saturday night I celebrated my birthday with some of my girlfriends.  We started out the night at a Thai restaurant and of course I had to order one of my FAVORITES - pad thai!  We ate quickly because we had reservations at The Paint Bar!

The Paint Bar is a new place just outside of Boston.  It is a VERY cool idea.  We had such a fun night.  I was definitely NOT a believer that we would all be able to paint anything that would look half way decent but they do such a great job at teaching you!

I kept forgetting to take pictures of each step but here are a few so you can get an idea.  There is a "teacher" who does the painting too and gives directions/suggestions on what to do along the way.  They play fun music and serve beer/wine so it is a really fun atmosphere.

This is the AFTER photo.  As you can see most of us followed along with what the teacher did but my friend Jenny dares to be different and got creative!  I think we all did a fabulous job!  I plan to hang my at work in my office.

Here I am with my finished painting.  What do you think?  Oh and I won a free class.  There was a gift certificate under one stool and it just so happened to be mine!  So exciting.  I can't wait to go back. 

Here is my painting on the left and their painting on the right.  Pretty good if I do say so myself!!

After dinner a few of us went to one of my favorite bars, The Woodward, for a drink.  The reason it is my favorite bar is really because I LOVE one of the drinks they make there.  The bartenders there are mixologists and made the BEST drinks.

Unfortunately I was driving and had to get home to Lucy so only one martini for me!  Yes Lucy may be the most spoiled dog in the world (here she is sleeping in the bed and covered with blankets!)

 My "birthday door" aka my pantry door with all of my birthday cards on it.  Makes me smile!

Sunday I celebrated my birthday with my family.  We also celebrated my brother Scott's birthday which was March 17th.  We each got to pick our favorite meal and cake.  I ALWAYS get a Carvel ice cream cake so that is what I had this year.  Ella helped Scott blow out his candles and Peyton helped me!  Ella was VERY excited to eat cake.  This girl likes her sweets.

We all had a nice night!  I had a great birthday and enjoyed getting together with my friends and family.  I feel so blessed to have so many people celebrate with me!  Thanks everyone. 

P.S.  I haven't "cheated" during Lent.  I haven't bought any necklaces or earrings at all BUT I did get a new necklace/earring set for my birthday from Ella.  I wore it to work today and had many compliments on it!!