Tuesday, March 8, 2011

That's What Friends Are For

On Sunday I flew to Lexington, KY to be with one of my best friends during one of the most difficult times in her life.  As I've mentioned Stacy lost her mother last week and as you can imagine that has been shocking and overwhelming.  Stacy is SO strong and has handled this with such grace.  I'm so proud of her and I know her mother would be too.

On Monday evening Stacy hosted, "A Celebration of Caroline's Life."  The memorial service was held at one of Caroline's favorite places, The University of Kentucky.  Caroline worked at the U of K for many years in the sports department.  She was responsible for special events and making the posters for basketball.  You will see a print of them in the background of the photos.  Caroline was a HUGE U of K basketball fan and so Stacy asked for people to wear BLUE!

Stacy started the evening by reading song lyrics from one of her favorite songs, The Story of Us, by Neil Diamond.  Stacy did such a great job getting through this. 

The program continue with a few others speakers all honoring Caroline and sharing wonderful memories.  The program ended with the U of K fight song b/c Caroline said she wanted "to go out" to the fight song!  Family and friends enjoyed sharing memories on journaling cards in lieu of a guest book and Stacy will put them into a scrapbook along with pictures from the evening.  This was not a depressing event.  It truly was a celebration!

The room was decorated with many picutres of Caroline and beautiful flowers sent by family and friends.  The room looked so pretty and happy which helped to make the evening just lovely.  It really was a special event and I was moved by just how many people showed up to honor Caroline and pay their respects to Stacy.  We should all be so lucky to have that many people care about us.

I'm so glad I could be there for Stacy during this time.  I can't imagine her having to go through this alone.  Thank you to all who have sent well wishes to her.  She is doing well, still numb, as am I.  The suddeness of her mother's passing is a lot to process.

On another note, this was my first time in Kentucky.  From what I saw it is very pretty.  I love horses and KY is horse country.  We drove by MANY farms and I hope someday to return to KY when I have time for sightseeing.

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