Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Patrick's Day {in Florida} Recap

On St. Pat's Day morning I flew down to Fort Lauderdale for a mini vacation.  My parent's had been there for about a month and my dad left that morning to go home for a hockey weekend with my brothers.  I figured I should be in Florida for a girls weekend with my mom and grandmother!  Every year there is a block party in Lauderdale by the Sea just a few blocks from where my grandmother lives.  She was ready to head there as soon as I arrived so I had to quickly get ready in my GREEN!!!

The street is shut down and there is a big stage set up, outdoor bars, tables and chairs.  Of course there were bagpipers and an awesome Irish band that played all afternoon and into the evening.  We sat inside the restaurant but next to a big sliding glass door which was open so we had a great view of the stage and could hear all the music.
My grandmother, "Ma" started out the day w/ a martini of course.  At least the olive was green! 

My mom and I at dinner.  Everyone else had corn beef and cabbage.  I had a quesadilla.  Haha.  This Irish girl doesn't eat corn beef!!!

I figured if my 84 year old grandmother could drink a Guinness than I could too!  I really don't like Guinness but figured what the heck. . .

Some of you may have seen this picture when I posted it on Facebook and wrote "drinking a Guinness with my grandmother. . . words I never thought I would say!"

 To be honest I may not have drank all of it but I did drink most of it.  I switched to a Blue Moon since they didn't have any Irish beer!
This is what the outside of the restaurant looked like once it got dark.  The street was packed with people drinking and dancing.  It was a lot of fun.

Boston (of course) is a very fun place to celebrate St. Pat's Day but I have to admit that the older folks in Florida know how to throw a good Irish party too!

More about my Florida vacation to come. . .

P.S.  My brother, Scott's birthday was on the 17th so just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday!

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