Thursday, March 10, 2011

MAAV, Mary Poppins and Laney!


As you know I am on the Board of Directors for an outstanding organization MAAV.  Last week we hosted a VIP Reception for donors and volunteers to unveil MAAV's new logo and website.  The event was a lot of fun and it seems like everyone really likes the new logo.  Do you want to see it?  Here it is. . . 


Last night I saw Mary Poppins the musical.  My Aunt Cathy my cousin Katelyn and I tickets for Christmas.  Last night the 3 of us went.  First we went out to dinner which was nice too.  I really hadn't seen Mary Poppins from beginning to end (ever I think) but I had seen bits and pieces through they years and I knew the music.  I wasn't sure what to expect from the musical but I LOVED it.  It was so fun and the ensemble pieces were awesome.  I loved the scene where the statues come along in the park and the scene with all the chimney sweep guys dancing.  If you  have a chance to see it I recommend it!


I finally got to hold Laney tonight!  I was sick with a little cold when she was born so although I met her I never held her.  Don't let this picture fool you . . . she slept the ENTIRE time I was there.  She woke up for 2 minutes, ate, fell back asleep and this is what she looked like. . .

 I told Laney she was not a very good hostess sleeping the whole time I was there but I was kidding of course.  She is cute no matter what she does!  

Happy Thursday everyone.  I'm ready for the weekend are you?


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  2. Omigoodness, she's adorable!! I can't believe you never saw Mary Poppin's from beginning to end before~I use to watch it over & over! Lol!! Stopping by on the weekend wander:)

  3. Aw, she's adorable! I already miss when Sasha was so tiny and she's only 8 months old.

    Thanks for visiting my blog - I've enjoyed reading your posts. Kentucky looks pretty - I've never been.

  4. Hey there! Stopping by from FTLOB. Just saw the comment above, I'm in Kentucky, too!

    Love the logo and of course, looooove the baby. So sweet :-)


  5. Well after doing some research, I don't think you're from here... Lol

  6. Oh MY GOODNESS she is so darn cute! Found you via FTLOB! My brother has MS :[ it's not easy. you're a strong woman