Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I LOVE Target

Yes I went all the way to Florida and went shopping at Target.  I had a good reason though.  I had seen these shoes and thought I would have a better chance at finding them in Florida then Massachusetts.  I was right!  Aren't they SO cute?  And while I was there I figured I might as well check out the rest of the shoes right?

 I love these silver sandals and just couldn't resist buying them too!  I think they will be so cute this summer w/ sundresses and skirts!

I was totally justified in buying these b/c I can wear them to work!  You can't really tell from the phone pic but they are teal green and super cute.  I love them! 

Target is the best!  I got all three pairs for around $55 which is such a great deal.  Good thing I had room in my suitcase to bring them all home!