Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday.  Today I am 34.  Today I celebrate another year of my blessed life.  I celebrate another year of good health with no major MS exacberations.  I celebrate having an amazing, supportive family.  I celebrate friends near and far who are always here from me.  I celebrate my donors who give their hard earned money to support my fundraising efforts for MS.  I celebrate my two beautiful nieces, Peyton and Ella who continue to bring so much joy and happiness to my life, I celebrate a wonderful job where I feel fulfilled, I celebrate a safe place to live that I call home (even if it is small), I celebrate the amazing opportunites I have experienced especially all of the vacations I have taken, I celebrate my blog and the people with and without MS who it has connected me to, I celebrate the MS community and the many friends I have made, I celebrate everything chocolate and all the pleasure it brings me, I'm celebrating so many things, today, on my 34th birthday!  Let's hope in future birthdays I can celebrate a boyfriend or maybe even a wedding!  Dream big right!  

Today in honor of my birthday I made my very first cheesecake.  A peanut butter cup cheesecake to be exact (and it is only 12,000 calories per bite)!  I brought it to work and we had it at lunch.  It was delicious! 

After work I met my Aunt Cathy and my brother, Allan at a local pub, The Green Briar, near my house for dinner.  

I gave myself a Lent excemption and had cheese fries (per Allan's suggestion).  
They were so good!
I had one (or three) of my favorites - Pear Magners to drink!

We listened to Irish music (the "practice session"). . .
and then the "real session" which was excellent.  Both were great!  We love listening to Irish sessions.  

It was a great birthday!  I came "home" (to the house where I'm house sitting) to a dog who was very happy to see me!  I think she was giving me a birthday greeting! Ha!
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes by email, mail, Facebook, Twitter, text or any other way you wished me a Happy Birthday.  I feel loved.  Looking forward to celebrating the rest of the week.