Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Florida Vacation Recap

So when I arrived at my destination, Lauderdale by the Sea, on Thursday this was the weather forecast for the five days I would be there. . . not too bad huh!?  Considering the weather I've had to deal with this winter in Boston I would say that I deserved perfect weather while on vacation!

I already told you about what we did to celebrate St. Pat's Day on Thursday.  On Friday I laid by the pool, went to Target to buy these great shoes and then went to Happy Hour with my mom at one of my favorite places in Fort Lauderdale, The Blue Martini.  The great thing about Florida (unlike Mass) is that they do happy hour and the drinks are half price!  We each had a delicious martini and large apps for about $20 bucks!

Saturday, Sunday and Monday I laid at this pool (this is where my grandmother lives and where I stayed in my own unit)!  I pretty much had the entire pool/patio to myself which was great.  I literally laid in a beach chair all day and read, Something Borrowed or napped.  Sounds good to me!  By the way I LOVED Something Borrowed and so happy I finally read it.  I can't wait to buy Something Blue this weekend!

This was my view while I laid in my chair each day.  I love palm trees and very much enjoyed looking at these all day!!

On Saturday night I did take a walk over to the beach to see the Super Moon.  I know you can't tell from this picture taken on my point and shoot camera but it was so beautiful over the ocean!  

All and all it was a great mini-vacation.  It was nice to get some sun, relax and catch up with my grandmother.  So fortunate that I get to visit my grandmother someplace so beautiful!!

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