Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog Award!

Katie from Words by Katie awarded me with the "Memetastic Award" the other day.  Thanks Katie!

It's pretty cool because the "rules" are unique.  Since I have now accepted this award, I have to list five things about myself.  However, only one of these facts will be true! The other four have a bit of truth in them, but are ultimately incorrect.  Think you can guess which one is real?  :)

1.  During college I studied abroad for a semester in London.  Our flats were in "Little Venice" which is located just blocks from the area where Madonna owned a flat and one afternoon while out on the walk I ran into her and had the chance to chat with her for a few minutes.

2.  After college I moved to California to work as an Americorps VISTA with Habitat for Humanity.  While there I had the opportunity to build a house with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman.

3.  I have been on crutches six times in my life for breaks and/or surgeries but I do not consider myself a clutz!

4.  I went to Boston College Graduate School of Social Work and graduated 2nd in my class.

5.  I am a medical social worker at a hospital that is the "Official Healthcare Partner for the Boston Bruins" and therefore see Bruins players as patients often.

Now I have to give this award to 5 blogs:

Jamie at Inspired Mess
Nat at London Calling
Jenn at  Losing It
Lauren at The Elephant's Trunk
Kym at Travel Babbles: Living The (Hockey) Life


  1. Thank you Jodi!! You are the best :)

  2. Ha! I love this! Love the "twist", hehe.
    I'm going to guess that #2 is true!
    Thanks for including me! I'll have to think on this one before posting. :)
    Hope you're having a good day and feeling good!

  3. Very cool award, I like the rules to it. I'm new to your blog so I'm taking a shot in the dark and saying #4 is true.

  4. Hey thanks for the award! I don't know if I read enough of the right sort of blogs to send it to five more people (I'd have to send it back to you as one!) but it is cool anyway!

    BTW - which is true - I think #3