Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Plans Ruined - I'm Sick!!!!

I had such "big" plans for this weekend.  Then I got sick.  On Friday at work I felt fine but I noticed a little tickle in my throat which was causing my voice to sound weird.  By Friday night I was losing my voice (but luckily go to skype with Peyton and Ella prior to totally losing it).  I started feeling nauseous and didn't feel like eating dinner.  I had a popsicle.  I did my MS shot which I do every Friday night.  I was exhausted so decided to call it a night around 9 PM.  I woke up at midnight and knew I was sick.  I felt like I was going to throw up, had chills, could tell I had been sweating, and felt achy all over.  I did get sick a few times and usually that makes you feel better right?  Well not this girl.  My stomach was still so nauseous and I had the worst abdominal pains.  On top of that I had no voice at all (yes I talked to myself to see) and was all congested and junky.  I attempted to go back to bed but felt terrible and couldn't sleep.  I was shivering, having pains, and just couldn't seem to get comfortable.  I knew I was getting dehydrated b/c I kept feeling like I had to pee then would try and nothing would come out.  Oh and I knew I was sick when I saw on the toilet seat and it was freezing when it touched my skin and hurt b/c I was so achy!  So the rest of the night continued to be the same.

The next morning I attempted to get up out of bed and felt dizzy and weak.  Back to bed.  Emailed my mom (who is in FL visiting my grandmother) and filled her in.  A little while later my dad called me very worried.  Funny thing is that he can't heard that well and I had no voice.  So I'm whispering to him on the phone and he finally said, "just email me!"  I emailed him a few things I needed (saltines, ginger ale, tissues) and he was on his way to my apartment (which is a little less than an hour away).  By the time he got here the decision had been made that I should go to the ER.  Didn't really want to go ($150 copay thank you very much) but I knew I should b/c I was very dehydrated.  The hospital I go to for my MS (and everything else) is 2 minutes from my house.  I had never been to the ER there which is brand new so I was getting to see it first hand.  Haha.  We were there from 3 to 8 PM.  I got 2 IVs (first one was giving me trouble per usual) and 2 big bags of fluid.  I got 2 shots of Zofran which helped a lot.  The doctor told me I am the lucky girl who got 2 viruses on top of each other.  One that causes the cold/voice lost and a 2nd that caused the GI bug.  Good times! 

I slept 12 hours last night and have already taken a 2 hour nap today.  I feel much better today but I'm exhausted.  I ate some saltines and drank some ginger ale and feel ok.  I plan to stay in bed all day and night! Thankfully the Oscars are on tonight to entertain me.  I had big plans to write an Oscar post today w/ my opinions since I've seen many of the movies.  We'll see if I can muster up the energy.  I even had to cancel a massage appointment for today.  Bummer!

Guess I'll have to take a sick day tomorrow which I hate to do since I have so little earned time right now.  Oh well such is life. 

Oh and I was joking with some Twitter friends that there must be a "Twitter virus" b/c so many of us are sick.  Who knew you could pass it through tweets!!!

Ok that is about all the energy I have right now.  Back to resting.  Thanks for all the sweet emails and messages my friends!


  1. So sorry your sick! Well wishes coming your way. I'm sick myself and didn't get any sleep last night! I really like your site. I'm disabled myself and I live with CRPS wich is a chronic pain condition. I look forward to following your site. Visit my site sometime!

  2. Oh no, that really sounds BAD! I'm glad you're feeling better! Actually, you should take at least 2 sick days, because with the GI bug you are contageous 48 hours after the last time you had a symtom (the vomiting bug phobic speaking, we had a bad epidemia at work this year and I'm still not completely recovered after the scare, although I didn't even get it!)