Monday, February 7, 2011

A Valentine's Fairy Tale

Once Upon A Time. . .

there was an adorable little girl named Peyton.  Peyton loved to do arts and crafts especially when it involved using glue!  While Peyton was having a vacation at Grammy and Grampy's house she had fun making Valentine's cards.  She loves her Auntie Jodi (that's me) SO much that she wanted to make her a Valentine card.  She worked VERY hard to glue all the paper in just the right place, put the letter stickers down to spell Jodi's name and then to write her own name!  After Peyton was done making this very special Valentine for Auntie Jodi she asked Grammy to take her to the post office to mail it.

So Grammy, Peyton and Neely the puppy (who was also vacationing at Grammy and Grampy's) got in the car.  Neely sat in her favorite seat, Ella's car seat!  They had to make a quick stop at CVS before the post office so Grammy and Peyton went in and Neely waited in the car.  While Neely looks cute, sweet and innocent she is not {innocent that is}!  When Grammy and Peyton returned to the car just a few minutes later this is what they found:

The beautiful Valentine that the adorable Peyton made for her Auntie Jodi had been eaten by Neely! Peyton cried.  Grammy freaked out (silently of course).  Neely hid in the back seat!  Luckily Grammy was able to take Peyton home to make a new beautiful card for Auntie Jodi.

This new and even more beautiful card they made sure to keep far, far away from Neely the puppy!  Peyton was very excited to tell Auntie Jodi about the "surprise" later that evening when Grammy was on the phone with her.  In the background Auntie Jodi overheard, "I made a surprise for you!"  Peyton then asked Grammy to tell Auntie Jodi about what Neely did (three times).

They next day Grammy hand delivered the beautiful Valentine to Auntie Jodi.  Auntie Jodi LOVES her card and is so impressed by the adorable Peyton's artistic abilities.

Two days following the Neely "incident" Peyton is still talking about it.  While Grammy was again on the phone with Auntie Jodi she overheard, "Grammy tell Jodi that Neely ate her card (three times)." 

Fortunately, like in all good Fairy Tales the adorable Peyton and Neely the puppy made up and they lived. . .

Happily Ever After!

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