Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow and Surgery

So unless you live in a bubble I'm sure you have heard that we are being slammed with not one but TWO more storms!  The snow for today is over and we got at least 6 inches (although it is hard to tell b/c it just mixes in w/ all the old snow).  I've cleaned off my car for the 18,639th time and shoveled/been plowed out.  So now we just wait for the BIG storm coming tomorrow.  I hear (from the weather man) that not only will we be getting snow but ice and rain too.  Oh boy!  So looking forward to ice on top of snow.  What fun that will be to clean off my car.

For once I don't have to drive to work in a snow storm but I do have to go to St. E's for my ENT surgery. It is at 8AM and I have to be there at 6AM.  Good think I live super close to St. E's.  My mom is on her way to my house tonight to sleep over and take me to the hospital tomorrow.  She will stay again tomorrow night too.  So we will be snow bound together.  I'm really not nervous about my surgery - I'm actually kind of excited.  I'm really hopeful that I will feel A LOT better when this is all over and that is exciting.  I know it will be a few weeks to know for sure how I feel (have to wait for internal swelling to go down) but tomorrow will bring me one step closer to having unblocked ears and clear breathing!

In preparation for my 2 days at home (tomorrow and had to take Thur off to recover) I set up my scrapbooking stuff.  I haven't scrapbooked in a VERY.LONG.TIME.  I miss it a lot and I really want to finish my Ireland scrapbook (from my trip in May 2009).  So if I'm feeling ok after the surgery maybe I can get a little done.  I always have "big plans" for when I'm home sick or recovering from a surgery/procedure and it never ends up happening b/c I sleep the whole time.  So we shall see what the next few days will bring.

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