Thursday, February 17, 2011

"The Ride" with Phil Keoghan



In March of 2009, Phil Keoghan, the host of "The Amazing Race" and one of our most committed MS Ambassadors, left Los Angeles on his bike for a 40-day ride across America that covered over 3,500 miles. Joining Phil for this grueling journey were his cycling wingman, best friend, a former California Highway Patrol Officer and his father. Together they faced everything from sand storms and freezing temperatures to illness and injury.  In just 40 days he raised $500,000 and unprecedented exposure for the National MS Society.

AND THEN. . . .

He made his experiences into a MOVIE!  Last night I had the opportunity to see a special screening of "The Ride" and Phil was actually there!  I was so impressed with this man.  He is a typical guy, very down to earth and funny!  I found him to be so inspirational.  He set a goal and stuck to it despite facing many challenges.  I could relate to so many things he talked about in the movie.  Specifically he talked about feeling like he needed to "proove himself" to his father.  He wanted his father to be proud of him for accomplishing an amazing athletic achievement.  I think sometimes I try to hard to "proove myself."  Not really sure why but I guess it is mainly b/c I don't want people to think I can't do something now just b/c I have MS.  So sometimes I push myself to much (to my detriment) and end up fatigued and exhausted.  I'm working on finding that balance.  And of course most MS'ers could relate to his fatigue, exhaustion and sickness during his ride.  Many of us experience that regularly.  I was happy that during the Q&A he talked about how "we" (those of us w/ MS) kept him going b/c he knew that at the end of his ride he would get better but that people w/ MS don't have that option.  I would so happy he recognized that and mentioned it.  I have so much respect for him and what he is doing for MS.  What an awesome accomplishment! 

Be sure to check out No Opportunity Wasted, Phil's website.  You can also buy or rent The Ride and you will find the links to amazon and itunes on there.  Oh and isn't that the BEST name?  I love it!  NOW!

Let me know what you think!