Thursday, February 3, 2011


I had the surgery yesterday.  Thought I would update everyone on how it went and how I'm doing.  That way if any of you are considering this type of surgery you will know what to expect.  If you want to know more about what I had done read this post first.  But basically I had a deviated septum corrected, sinuses cleaned out and the tube to my ear stretched.  The doctor told me that I have a very tight nasal passage (glad I learn this now after years of suffering - haha!)

So had the surgery, woke up in recovery, laid there for a while.  I really didn't feel any pain in my face/nose but a lot of pressure.  The worst part was that my throat was KILLING me.  It was so painful (likely from the breathing tube during surgery and the drainage for all the nasal sprays I had to do before the surgery).  I ate 2 popsicles (my nieces would be jealous) and drank something.  It was still hurting a lot so at that point I took a pain killer.  There was no blood up to this point.  Everything was fine.  AND THEN I stood up and whoosh the blood just poured out of my nose.  It was gross.  It continue to bleed for several minutes pretty heavily.  The nurse taped a gauze dam to the bottom of my nose "to catch the blood."  LOVELY!

By the time I got home the bleeding was better as long as I stayed still in my bed.  Each time I got up to go to the bathroom (which I did 897 times due to all the IV fluids) my nose would bleed again. It was great fun.  I was really feeling like crap but not b/c of my nose/sinuses.  My throat hurt so bad like as bad as when I had strep and I had the WORST headache.  I couldn't lay my head on my pillows b/c there was so much pressure in my head that it hurt to laid down.  It was the weirdest thing.  I took another pain pill and after what seemed like an eternity it started to help.  Unfortunately I couldn't sleep at all.  Not even a nap.  I felt like I was wired which was weird.  By dinner time I was feeling a lot better.  So the worst of it was over and short lived thankfully.

I slept ok.  We all know I have my sleep issues anyways so that combined w/ having to sleep on my back (I'm a stomach sleeper) and not being able to breathe out of my nose made things interesting.  Today I am feeling pretty good.  A little tired and still very congested (which my doctor said is normal and will last a few days).  I'm taking it easy today in bed.  I've had my mom here to wait on me and bring me food and drinks (and keep me company) which has been super nice! :)

So if you had asked me yesterday if this surgery was a good idea I probably would have said NO!  But really it hasn't been too bad.  Like I said the worse of it was short lived.  For the next month I have to "irrigate" my nose 2 times a day.  I had to mix distilled water, baking soda and sea salt together and then squirt it up my nose.  I'll spare you the details of what comes out!  Good times.  Oh and from looking at me you would never know that I've had surgery.  There is no swelling or bruising.  It will be a few weeks before I know how well this all worked but hopefully it will have all been worth it!

Back to work tomorrow for one day and then the weekend!  I think I can make it.

And b/c I hate posts w/ no pictures I actually did consider taking a before and after picture but then I thought maybe not. . . you will just have to use your imagination!!!

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