Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Radio Interviews

Last week I was interviewed by  Gay Vernon for a Sunday morning radio show on Magic 106.7.  It will air in March and hopefully I'll be able to get a copy of it to post on my blog.  She asked me questions about my MS story and why I do the Boston MS Walk.  It will be used to tell people about the walk and encourage them to sign up to walk too.  It was fun!

Then 2 days later I received an unexpected call from George Knight.  I was at work and in a patient's room at the time so I quickly excused myself and went back to my office and called him back.  He interviewed me and this interview will air on three different Boston stations.  It will also air on a Sunday morning.  He said he would email me an MP3 of it once it was edited so I will keep you posted.

So in case you were wondering I'm kind of famous around town (ha, ha)!