Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Favorite iPhone Apps

I've had an iPhone for about 3 years now.  I started with the iPhone 3G and now I have the iPhone 4 which I love!  You might say I've had some "issues" with my iPhones - aka - I've had one stolen, lost one and dropped one in the toilet.  Yup you counted right - I'm on my 4th iPhone.  Just doing my part to keep apple in business!

Anyways I LOVE my iPhone and couldn't live w/o it which is why I always went and bought a new one when I ran into "issues."  I love my apps too.  I thought I would share some of my favorite apps w/ all of you since now that Verizon is selling the iPhone I know a lot more people are buying one.

I have 5 screens of apps.  On the bottom of every screen you can put your 4 favorite or most used apps.  They will show up on every screen.  I have phone, iPod, Mail and Facebook.  Also on my first screen are the following apps that I've purchased:  (the other apps on there are included when you get the phone)

- Twitter (Do I need to explain? haha)
- One Tap Dial (see pics of people at bottom left and when I tap it calls them)
- Days Until (this is a countdown clock and I often put vacations, birthdays, etc in there - you may notice the 24 which is referring to the days until I go to Florida)

On my next screen I have:

Flixster (great movie theatre/movie app.  You can select your favorite theatres which is nice too.)
myWireless (for AT&T users)
ESPN score center (you select your favorite teams for each sport and can view scores and info quickly)
Flashlight (has come in handy a few times)
At Bat Light ( app which I of course have the Red Sox front and center.  This app is free and it is awesome.  It gives live updates throughout the game so you always know what is going on w/ the game.)
Citizens Bank (my local bank)
Sol Free (use to be my favorite game app)
iJewels (now this is my favorite game app - addicted to this game)!
Find iPhone (this is a new app for the iPhone 4 but hopefully I will NEVER have to use it)!!!!!!!
Skype (really cool to be able to skype w/ people when on the go)

Some other apps I have:

Chipolte (I've only used this once but so cool.  Ordered my food and it was ready when I got there)
Snapfish, Kodak Gallery and Shutterfly
USA Today, Today Show and my local news app
Urbanspoon (great app for finding restaurants)
Tip Star (I LOVE this app.  It is great for when you are out w/ friends at a restaurant and need to split a check)
The Weather Channel
MASH Lite (remember this fun game from when you were in junior high)
Taxi (finds you the taxi company's in the area - great for when traveling in a different city)

And of course I have a "Peyton Page" filled with all of her games.  She knows exactly how to find her page and which game is which! 

So these are some of my favorites.  What are yours???


  1. Thanks for the ideas. I just got a new Droid Incredible (which is very much like the Ipod) Still trying to get use to it.

  2. Hi Jodi,

    I just use my phone to make and recieve calls. I think I might be a little old fashioned, but those apps would drive me nuts.


  3. Neat idea for a post! One of my fave apps (which I have recently re-discovered) is Shazam. It will listen to songs and tell you what they are and who sings them! Comes in so handy. :)

  4. Lovely blog you have here! Love the photos :]
    I'm visiting from FTLOB & I'm your newest reader.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  5. I could not begin to list all the apps I use. Mine are now organised into groups as they took up so many pages and I couldn't find anything!!

    I still have a year left with my 3G - but will definitely get the iPhone 4 next time around; I'm surgically attached to my phone :0)

  6. Thanks for the great list! I haven't heard a few of those apps that you mentioned but I'll definitely be checking them out very soon! My most favorite iPhone app that I like to recommend is my DISH Remote Access app from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. It's perfect for any TV lover like myself in that with their Sling Adapter as well I'm able to "sling" all of my favorite shows from home live or recorded to my iPhone anywhere I go in the world on 3G or WiFi. It's pretty awesome since I travel so much and not to mention I got the Adapter at a great deal! Check it out :)

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