Saturday, February 12, 2011

My {CRAZY} Adventure at CVS

This is one of those stories that I wouldn't believe except it actually happen to me so I know it is possible.  Yesterday was my friend Audrey's last day of work at the hospital.  During rounds we had planned to have a little party for her.  I wanted to stop and get a card for everyone to sign.  So I stopped at a CVS near work.  It was around 7:35 AM.  I parked and ran in.  I went straight to the card aisle.  I wanted to get one of those GIANT cards but they only had birthday ones so I grabbed a "good bye" card from "all of us" and called it a day.  I went up to the counter to pay but nobody was around.  I waited for a few seconds and then started to look around a bit. . . still nobody.  I yelled out "hello?"  Nothing.  Again, "hello?"  I walk up and down a couple aisles and realize that!  Uh-oh.  Then I hear an alarm going off.  Oh crap.  Then I realize I'm on the video monitor.  Oh shit!  I put the card down and go to leave the store but I can't because I'M LOCKED IN!!! Yes locked in.  The door is locked and I can't get out.  I call 911. 

Police: What is your emergency?
Me: I came into CVS but there is nobody working and now I'm locked in.
Police: You're where?
(I hear the police dispatch the info)
Police: Miss I have an officer who is right nearby so go stand by the door and he will be right there.
Me:  Ok

It is now about 7:45 AM and a woman approaches the door to the store and I realize she works there because she has keys.  Hooray!  I get a very strange look from said lady who is wondering what I'm doing in there and why the alarm is going off.  Then she pushes on the door and realizes it is unlocked (but not from the inside which is why I can't get out)!  I explain to her what happen as the police officer is arriving.  He proceeds to search the store.  Then the assistant manager of the store arrives and is just as confused.  Then another officer arrives.  I continue to stand at the front of the store waiting to be "cleared" to leave.  Haha!

The police officers return and say that the store is clear and that it does not appear to be a break-in.  The assistant manager says out loud but to herself, "Who closed the store last night?"  Oops looks like someone forgot to lock the door.  Thankfully I was not locked in CVS with crazy robbers.

The assistant manager and the police tell me I can go.  "Can I just buy the card first?"   So I buy the card and get out of there as quick as I can!  I call my mom again (I had already called her once while waiting for the police) and updated her about what had happen.  Needless to say I was on a major adrenalin rush.  Crazy!

I get into work (later than I had hoped) and run around to all the floors to get people to sign the (now famous) card for Audrey.  I of course have to retell this story about 100 times.  Nobody could believe the adventure I had had at CVS.

Audrey was very appreciative of the card which made it all worth the effort (and craziness).

I did joke that since CVS is one of my favorite stores that it would have been fun to clear the shelves while I was in the store alone.  Haha.  I think they should reward me for my honesty- shopping spree?, gift certificate?, free prescriptions for a year?  I'll take it!  Haha!

Oh and during rounds I really started to not feel well.  I was very hot and dizzy and just feeling weird.  One of the nurses took my blood pressure and it was unusually high for me.  We did it 2 more times during the next half hour and it stayed high.  I guess all that stress got to me!

So what about you?  Anything crazy like this ever happen to any of you??


  1. That is very crazy! I would have died.

  2. awesome story Jodi! Made me laugh out loud. I can't believe that happened to you!