Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

Leading up to this weekend I didn't have much planned but things ending up falling into place nicely and it turned out to be a good weekend!  Friday night I went to see The Fighter with my friend Kendall.  We went to a new movie theatre near us and let me tell you movie theatres have improved since I was a kid.  This place was SO nice and had amazing food choice (oh and they had a bar)!  The movie was AWESOME but you will have to wait for my review on it.  I'm hoping to see all the Academy Award nominated movies and then will write a big review. . .

Saturday I relaxed all day.  Literally did nothing but lay in my bed, watch tv, take a nap, read blogs, check Facebook, etc.  It was lovely!

Saturday night I went on with my friend Jenny to celebrate the closing of her house.  We wanted to try a couple of places that neither of us has been.  We started out at Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge.  This place is very interesting to say the lease.  The people who work there all dress up in "costumes" that are a little scandalous.  The atmosphere is cool but very crowded and loud.  We were lucky enough to score some bar seats and enjoyed these delicious martinis and a light dinner.  My martini is the one in the back, the Moulin Rouge.  It was delicious!!!!

We then headed over to Bergamont in Somerville to chill is a quieter place (I'm feeling really old and uncool that I don't like loud and crowded bars anymore - haha!)  This place is more of a restaurant then a bar so I don't think I would go back just for drinks.  But it was still fun.  This (drunk) guy offered to buy us a drink since the bartender was his best friend and "awesome at making drinks" according to drunk guy.  We accepted and told him to make up his speciality.  Well the drinks were fine (not the best but ok) and the drunk guy ditched us when his date showed up.  Oh and then he left and never paid for our drinks!  Oh well.  Jenny and I had a good laugh over that one.

Today I slept in (needed to after staying out until midnight).  Then I went and had a massage which was wonderful.  So thankful to the family I babysit for who gave me a 3 month membership to Massage Envy!  I had a long to do list for the afternoon but that just didn't happen.  Oh well there is always next weekend.  I'm ending the night by watching the SAG awards!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  They sure do go by fast!

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