Monday, January 24, 2011

Not Really A "Day Off"

Today I had a day off from work but it wasn't really a day off.  I did not have to go to the hospital for work but I had to go to a different hospital for appointments and a procedure.  The schedule was suppose to go like this:  

8:00 AM   Appointment w/ surgeon for upcoming ENT surgery
9:00 AM   Appointment w/ pre-testing for upcoming ENT surgery
9:30 AM   Check in for upper GI scope
10:30 AM  Have said upper GI scope
11:30 AM  Head home for a nap!

Instead the day went something like this. . . Wake up to freezing cold temps in Boston.  Get text from mom (my ride) that her alarm didn't go off but she still thinks she will make it on time.  Arrive to hospital and valet parking lot is chaos.  Forget which elevator to take for my appointment.  Get to appointment (on time) and have to sign yet ANOTHER HIPPA form.  Sit down in exam room and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  See the fellow who tells me the surgeon will be there soon.  Wait some more.  See another doctor and medical student.  Doctor tells me surgeon will be there soon.  Wait some more.  And some more.  Finally at 8:55 AM I see the surgeon walk by and then FINALLY come into the room.  Very nice guy.  Reviewed everything for upcoming ENT surgery.  Done.  Rush to pre-testing.  Sign in.  And wait.  Nurse with another patient.  Anesthesiologist not there.  Wait some more.  9:30 AM and still waiting.  Decide to leave to head to GI with the plan to return to pre-testing after (which they assured me would be fine).  Check in at GI.  Get brought in.  Change.  Lay on bed.  Get BP, IV, etc.  And wait.  Feeling cold.  Ask for another heated blanket.  Still cold and still waiting.  Thinking about all of the things that I could be doing.  Wait some more.  Finally at 10:45 AM get wheeled into an exam room.  Meet new nurse.  Get hooked up to stuff.  See my doctor.  Told to turn to mine side.  Feel dizzy. . . Wake up in recovery.  Feeling groggy and sleepy.  I think it was 11:45 AM.  Not sure.  Out of it.  Told to sit up.  Given juice.  Told to stand up.  Told to get dressed and leave (in my zombie like state).  Oh but first told that all was fine and no ulcers or inflammation.  Also told I can't go to pre-testing b/c I can't consent to anything today since I had sedation.  Great thanks!  Go find mom.  She was of course worried by the length of time it took.  Told her I was waiting a lot.  Home.  Bed.  Sleep.  Mom goes and gets us lunch.  Eat.  Sleep some more.  Feeling fine now!  Have to head back to hospital tomorrow for pre-testing.  Then Wed to dermatologist.  Yup lots of appointments.  Good times.

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