Sunday, December 5, 2010

Surgery and Surgery

Thursday was the 1 year anniversary of my foot surgery. 1 year later my foot is SO much better and the surgery was SO worth it! So I'm hoping I'll feel the same way after my NEXT surgery! Thursday also was my follow-up appointment w/ the ENT doctor. After going over all my options I decided to have the surgery. So on Feb 2, 2011 I'll go under the knife again!

I'm really happy the the surgeon is a very well respected doctor around the world.
Dr. Peter Catalano will be fixing me up and I trust that he will do an amazing job! For those of you interested in what I'll be having done here goes. . .

Interior view of the nose

So as most of you know I've been "sick" since the first week of October. It started w/ a blocked ear during my trip to CA and the ear is still blocked! I've also had a cold ever since. Turns out it is a chronic problem. When I went to the ENT the first time I learned that I have a deviated septum. So that will be fixed in the surgery. In addition to that I have two out of the four turbinates that are three times the size they should be which is causing me a lot of issues w/ congestion and breathing. So they will suck out the extra tissue to get them back to the normal size.

Diagram of Ear

And for the problem that I originally went to the ENT for - the blocked ear. . . My eustachian ear is too narrow at one part and not letting the fluid move through. There is no medication to help w/ this issue. So there is a new procedure that Dr. Catalano is doing where they insert a balloon into the tube and blow it up for 30 sections then remove it. The hope w/ this procedure is that the tube will start functioning properly again. This is a new procedure that only a couple of local hospitals are doing and they had had 64% success at St. E's. The good news is that there are no adverse effects so even if it doesn't work I'm not at risk for doing any damage. I really really hope it works b/c I can't stand the whole blocked ear thing. It is so uncomfortable and annoying!!!!!!!

So that is what I'll be doing on Feb 2nd. I'll just need to take the day of surgery and the day after off from work and there will be no outward signs of surgery (no swelling, no stitches, etc).

Never thought I would be having surgery last year on my foot and never though I would be having surgery on my ear and nose next. Hopefully this will be the last surgery for a long time!

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  1. Wow, that's some foot surgery! I don't know what happened (or what was wrong) but I'm glad it's better.

    Good luck with the ENT, doesn't sound too bad...