Friday, December 24, 2010

The Polar Express and Indoor Swimming

Last weekend my friend Amber's husband and daughter came to MA from GA for a visit. Amber was unable to join them b/c she had to work. So Jim and Eva visited w/ Jim's family and w/ me (and I brought along Peyton to play w/ Eva).

We started out in Worcester at "The Polar Express." It wasn't quite what I was expecting but it was cute and the kids seemed to like it.

Now as far as I am concerned it is a Polar Express tradition to wear your pajamas on The Polar Express. Well somebody forgot to get that message to the majority of the people who joined us on the train last weekend! Peyton and Eva looked adorable in their pj's and Jim and I looked - well who really cares how we looked we were doing it for the kids! :)

After the train ride we went inside to see Santa. Peyton and Eva waiting in line together for the big moment.

Peyton wasn't so sure about seeing Santa even though she sat in his lap about a week earlier and talked to him. So we settled for a picture close by!

Eva on the other hand had no problem at all talking to Santa. She gave him her list and told him everything she wanted. Quite the chatter box!! She even told Santa we were going back to the hotel to go in the hot tub (she was obsessed with the hot tub)!!

Peyton had never seen an indoor pool before and was pretty excited. This past summer Peyton had become quite the swimmer. It only took her a few minutes to "warm up" and then she was off!

The girls swam all around the pool and had so much fun. Peyton would have stayed in the pool ALL day. Eva on the other hand was a big fan of the hot tub. It was too hot for Peyton and I so we stuck to the pool.

Peyton can swim all by herself and does such a good job!

After swimming it was time to dry off and take a rest. The girls had to do everything the same! They were instant friends and it is too bad they don't live closer.

Peyton had such a fun day. She was such a good girl and it was nice to have a special day w/ her. We missed Ella though. Next special day is going to be Ella and I!

Amber we missed you too. Hope you can come to visit this summer!!

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