Sunday, December 5, 2010

MORE Birthdays!!!

Yesterday was my Aunt Cathy's birthday. We celebrated today by seeing the movie "Love and Other Drugs" which I highly recommend. My aunt is an amazing woman who has made a difference in my life along with so many others. She was an elementary school teacher for many years before taking a leave of absence to work for the American Federation of Teachers as the Political Director. She continues to fight for children and for schools. I hope she realizes how many people's lives she has impacted. I just wanted to wish her a very happy birthday and luck for a happy and healthy year!!! (Oh and by the way we are not alcoholics - it just so happens that all these pictures were taken during 3 different Ireland trips and when we are on vacation we drink! Haha!)

Yesterday Taylor and I celebrated her 14th birthday which is on December 12th. I've mentored Taylor since she was 10 years old and it is fun to look back at all the birthday celebrations. Taylor was so little when I met her and just a "kid" and now she is such a nice young lady. I really enjoying having her as my friend. Yesterday we had lunch at Chili's and for dessert a delicious chocolate molten cake. Yum! I gave Taylor a pink Snuggie which she really wanted.

Last year for Taylor's 13th birthday we had lunch at TGIFriday's and dessert at Friendly's. I gave Taylor a special necklace for her gift since she was now a teenager!!

For Taylor's 12th birthday we went to lunch at Bugaboo Creek for lunch and dessert and then back to my house for presents and more dessert. I made Taylor special cupcakes w/ candles that said Taylor. I have her fun bulldog (her favorite) slippers, a bracelet that I made her and a little friendship sign.

On Taylor's 11th birthday we went to Bugaboo Creek and Taylor kissed the moose! We had a yummy dinner and dessert. I gave Taylor a scrapbook and gift card to AC Moore. We then went shopping so she could pick out paper and stickers (and then I turned her into a scrapbooker!!)

I love birthday celebrations and I'm glad Taylor and I have been able to celebrate so many together! I still can't believe she is 14!!!!!!!!

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