Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So it has been an eventful day for me. First I get news about my deviated septum at the ENT doctor and then WE CATCH A MOUSE (A BABY)!

So here is the story. Yesterday morning the pest control guy along w/ the building manager for the condo association came into my apartment to block up any holes that a mouse might be entering through. He removed the oven and patched up around the gas pipe (which was hopefully where the mouse was coming in). He also set a couple of traps b/c he said he may have "trapped a mouse in my apartment." Oh joy! Just what I wanted to hear.

So last night my mom came over to help me sterilize my kitchen. I've been avoiding the kitchen for weeks and have not eaten in my place at all. I threw away a lot of food but still felt like my kitchen was contaminated w/ mouse germs. So my mom got some bleach and went to work! My place looks so much nicer now.

So the mouse killer had set 2 traps and put them both along the floor. I decided this wasn't a good place for them b/c evidence had shown that the mouse had been in the pantry closet (on the top shelf) and on the counter/stove area. So I put one in each place. I also put something in front of the traps so that I would have to peak around to see.

Fast forward to this AM. I was feeling a little brave and first looked at the trap on the counter/stove and it was empty. Phew! THEN I open the closet door and moved the plastic container to check the other trap and IT.WAS.GONE!!!!!! So did a mouse knock it behind the shelf or did my mom and I when we were cleaning up????

Thankfully my dad was reffing a field hockey game near my house this afternoon and told me he could swing by after. So he opens the closet door and moves the shelves out and says, "WE CAUGHT A MOUSE AND IT'S A BABY!" He had a big smile on his face while saying this. I of course told him I didn't want to see it and that he couldn't throw it away in my trash. He says, "I'll flush it down the toilet." Ummmm, NO! I don't want a dead baby mouse washing back up! I directed him to the trash room down the hall. I turned my head while he was picking it up. Ugh! So I'm thinking baby mice have baby brothers and baby sisters. Hope they don't come looking for their sibling. Haha! The trap is reset in the closet. We still have NO CLUE how it is getting in there. But hopefully this is the only mouse. I'm so ready to be down w/ the mouse drama.

Oh and there is no way I'm looking at that trap tomorrow. Luckily my landlord is due to come over to do some electrical work so he'll be doing the checking.

So that is the update for now. Hoping the mice are gone and that the ear gets better. October was a tough month and I'm hoping November will be better! :)

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