Monday, November 29, 2010


Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and for the first time maybe ever I had to work the day after Thanksgiving. My last job gave us that day off but since hospitals are always open someone had to work! Not that I planned to go shopping - me and Black Friday would not get along (I hate crowds in hot malls and I have no patience for lines) but it would have been nice to relax. Oh well I worked and then had the weekend to look forward to.

Thanksgiving dinner was at my aunt and uncle's house again this year. As my cousin Katelyn said it was a "singles party." Everyone there (except for her parents and my parents) were single. We really need to work on that one. Haha. We had a lovely dinner, watched the Patriots, played a dice game and a card game (I won 6 bucks) and then ate dessert of course.

And the highlight (notice the sarcasm) of the day was my Public Service Announcement as a Medical Social Worker. I brought Health Care Proxy forms with me and encouraged everyone there to complete one. To my surprised I think only one person there actually had one! So four people filled one out and the others will hopefully fill one out very soon. A couple of people not naming any names (my 2 older brothers) told me to stop pressuring them! Haha! I still have more forms to pass out to a few family members who were missing that day. This will be my mission b/c EVERY SINGLE DAY I come across at least one patient who does not have a health care proxy and is either intubated or confused to the point where they can't make medical decisions. Maybe this does not sound like a big deal to you but let me tell you IT IS A BIG DEAL! So please if you are reading this and do not have a Health Care Proxy please fill out the form and add it to your medical records at your doctor's office or hospital (or both). Not sure if the forms are different for each state so you can just google it for where you live but I will also put the one for Mass below.

MA Health Care Proxy Form

Another great resource you can use instead of the health care proxy form is the Five Wishes form. This form asks specific questions about many different situations. So it can help you make some decisions now and state your wishes clearly for your agent to carry out if ever needed. Five Wishes works in 40 different states.

Five Wishes Form

I am by no means an expert in all the stuff with wills and advanced directives but I do know that it needs to specifically state who your Health Care Agent is to work. Otherwise you need to complete the Health Care Proxy form. Oh and the good thing w/ it is if you decide to change your mind in a few years you can - the newest one would then take effect. Ok so that is enough of that.

Anyways we had a great Thanksgiving and now it is time for get into the Christmas spirit!

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