Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THANKFUL {for social media}

I know some of you may think I am crazy but I LOVE social media! There are so many great things about it and I enjoy all of it!!!

I AM THANKFUL FOR my blog. When I started my blog in April I didn't know if I would enjoy it. I had always been a scrapbooker and I love papers and pictures so I didn't know if I would be able to switch over to the digital age. . . but so far it has been great. I love that I can chronicle things going on and will have it to look back on. I also love that I've been able to use my blog to raise awareness about MS and connect w/ other bloggers who have MS.

twitter. I'm newer to tweeting than to blogging so still getting use to it but so far I'm liking it. Again I have found it a great resource in regard to MS. There are so many great articles out there and I love that people are always posting interesting things. I just wish more of my friends would tweet (hint, hint)! [@jodibean328]

Facebook. I love Facebook. It has been so much fun to reconnect w/ a lot of old friends. I'm not so thankful for the amount of time I waste on Facebook but glad I've been able to use it to my advantage when it comes to fundraising. Facebook has been a great tool for me and I'm appreciative to all my Facebook friends who donate to me for the MS Walk!

I AM THANKFUL FOR email especially gmail. I love gmail. I am an email addict. I love checking my email and seeing new messages. I love that I can stay connected w/ friends near and far over email when time changes and busy schedules make it to hard to talk on the p

I AM THANKFUL FOR my iPhone. I know this doesn't exactly qualify as social media but it makes using social media SO much easier for me. Maybe too easy! Love my phone so much and trying really hard to hold on tight so that I don't lose it or drop it in the toilet.

What about you? How has social media helped you?

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  1. Glad to read I'm not the only social media lover out there.

    I've been keeping a blog since the early '00's and just adore facebook and twitter.