Saturday, November 27, 2010

THANKFUL {for my love of travel}

I am so thankful for the numerous travel experiences I have had. I LOVE TO TRAVEL. The first time I ever left the United States (besides Canada) was in my senior year of college (1998) when I studied abroad in London. I always knew I wanted to study abroad. Well since they my travel resume has grown quite long!

I AM THANKFUL FOR all the vacations, trips and adventures I have had the opportunity to experience! I would post pictures but there would be 1000s and my blog would probably explode! Haha! So instead I was thinking I would list all the countries and states that I've been too.

International Travel (in no particular order):

1. England (twice w/ a 3rd coming up in May 2011)
2. Ireland (four times w/a fifth in 2012)
3. Scotland
4. Norway
5. Sweden
6. France
7. Spain
8. Italy (once w/ a 2nd coming up in May 2011)
9. Switzerland
10. Austria (twice)
11. Romania
12. Hungry
13. Czech Republic
14. Portugal
15. Brazil
16. Mexico
17. Canada

Hope I'm not forgetting any. . . Many more countries to be added to that list in my future. Top 3 places I still want to go:

1. Costa Rica
2. Africa
3. Australia

United States Travel (in no particular order):

1. Massachusetts (obviously)
2. Rhode Island
3. New Hampshire
4. Maine
5. Connecticut
6. New York
7. Pennsylvania
8. New Jersey
9. Maryland
10. Virgina
11. North Carolina (lived there for 4 years)
12. South Carolina
13. Georgia
14. Tennessee
15. West Virgina (just drove through on road trips to and from Elon)
16. Delaware (just drove through on road trips to and from Elon)
17. Florida (too many times to count)
18. Alabama (just drove through on 2nd cross country trip)
19. Mississippi (just drove through on 2nd cross country trip)
20. Louisiana
21. Texas
22. New Mexico
23. Arizona
24. California (lived there for 1 year)
25. Nevada
26. Utah
27. Colorado
28. Wyoming
29. South Dakota
30. Iowa
31. Illinois
32. Indiana
33. Ohio
34. Michigan
35. Hawaii

There may be a few others that I drove through on my 1st cross country trip but I'll have to check my scrapbooks to know for sure!

Top 3 states I want to visit next:

1. Oregon (hopefully in 2011 to visit Meghan)
2. Washington (in the same trip to Oregon)
3. Alaska (I would love to do a cruise!)

Wow that is a good list of places if I do say so myself. People always ask me my favorite and there is no way to pick just one. All the trips I've taken have been amazing for different reasons. I loved backpacking through Europe and I loved driving cross country (twice).

Oh and can you believe I've never been to any of the Caribbean Islands? I guess I've been too busy traveling everywhere else. I do look forward to taking some vacations to the Carribean in my future. Those all inclusive resorts are calling my name!

What about you? Where have you been or where do you want to go?

P.S. That is it for my Thanksgiving week of "Thankful" blog posts. I hope you enjoyed.

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