Thursday, November 18, 2010

Me In Real Life

So I know that most of my friends and family thing that I have everything together all the time. Often I do. . . but often I definitely DO NOT. I guess it is good that I can "fake" it and present like I'm on top of things, organized, well rested, calm, etc, etc. Me in real life couldn't be more of a disorganized mess if I tired! Lately I've been even worse - blame it on MS, blame it on the face that I've been sick sick the beginning of Oct, blame it on the craziness of organizing my fundraiser, blame it on lack of sleep. . . you get the idea. The bottom line is that I'm NOT PERFECT! I know shocking but I had to let the cat out of the bag. Here are some pictures to prove my point.

These are all clean clothes. I did laundry like 2 or 3 week's ago at my brother and sister-in-laws house while I was hanging out w/ Peyton and Ella. Unfortunately the clean clothes never made it to my drawers and closet.

These are more clean clothes. I did more laundry at my friend, Jenny's house the other night. I thought if I put them on my bed it would force me to put them away so that I could sleep in my bed. Well that didn't work. I just moved them over and slept in my bed anyways. I know I know it is crazy!

Next example take my sink w/ many empty glasses. The reason for so many said glasses is b/c I'm thirty a lot and instead of washing the glass I've just used I keep getting new ones. Pretty soon my cabinet will be empty and I'll be forced to wash these. I guess it is a good think that I hardly ever cook or eat at my apartment or I'd have a lot more dirty dishes!!

Here lies some "leftovers" from my event. The picture frames, fabric, plates and napkins. . . At least I put them in a pile right? Someday they will make it into the storage bin!

The explosion of tissue paper also leftover from my event. It needs to be nicely folded and put away into a different storage bin but needless to say that hasn't happen yet.

Oh and last photo proof (for now) of my "messy" life is the huge pile of mail on my kitchen counter! Most of it is boring stuff which is why I haven't opened it. And the addition of like 100 catalogs due to the holiday season is not helping my organization! Sometime soon at least half of this pile will go into the trash.

Ok so there you have it - me in real life. Yup I'm a mess. I think most of it comes down to the fact the I am EXHAUSTED by the time I get home from work and literally don't have the energy to do anything besides lay down and rest (and sometimes write on my blog but that has been hard lately too). It reminds me of the spoons and the fact that most days I don't have any left by the time I get home from work. It really is too bad. I would like to be productive after work. But in order to be productive at work it requires all of my "spoons" each day. Oh well. Maybe someday when there is a cure for MS I will be a little less of a mess. . . but I doubt it!

What about you? What are your secrets? Dirty dishes? Piles of mail or clothes? Never cook?


  1. It is a shock Jodi, I thought you were perfect like me ;)

  2. I actually have a very similar pile of clothes in my room...I'd like to think theres some organization to it but its just not high on my priority list to get things folded and put away especially when the floor is so convenient. :)

  3. If my husband didn't force me to put things away right away My place wold be the same way. Except the mail, my pile is ten times worse then yours right now, that's the one thing the hubby has given up on.

  4. I agree with Nikki that if my husband didn't step in, I'd have clothes and dishes piles to the ceiling.

    Right now, everything's hiding in messy closets so the condo looks clean for family visiting this weekend.