Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Deviated Septum? Really?

I've been to 3 doctors in 3 weeks. This ear issue just won't quit. It all started the first week of October when I was in CA and it is STILL bothering me after being on amoxicilian and avolox. So I called my PCP today and he referred me to an ENT. I called the ENT and got the typical response of "we can schedule you for an appointment in December." I explained that I needed to be seen THIS week as my ear issue had been going on for over a month. The receptionist was very nice and put me on hold (which seemed like a very long time) and when she came back she said, "Can you come now?" So of course I say yes while having like 1000 work things run through my head (it was 1:00). So I did some work things that I had to do, let my colleague know I had to leave (she was able to cover for me) and found my intern so that I could let her know I was leaving and set a plan for her (b/c somebody needs to be supervising her when I'm not there). Then I was outta there!!

I made it back to my town (the doctor was at the same hospital I go to for my MS and is 2 minutes from my house) in record time and was up to the doctor's office before 2! Even the receptionist was impressed.

I had to fill out a TON of paperwork which always amazes me b/c my medical history and medications are all in the system yet I have to fill all this stuff out again. They the nurse comes in and asked me the SAME questions and then the doctor comes in and asked me the SAME questions again. Jeez!

The ENT doctor examined me and to my surprise he told me that the problem was not actually in my ear. Really? But my ear is killing me and has been blocked for a month! He tells me I have a deviated septum. REALLY? How have I never been told this before? I have suffered from SO many colds year round and I'm always seeing doctors but nobody had ever noticed this or if they had they just didn't tell me. So they do a CT scan of my face to get a better look at everything. My sinuses look clear but my nasal area has a lot of swelling which could mean allergies (not likely as I've been tested) or this other less common problem (of course I would have the less common harder to treat problem!)

So new plan. . . trying Nasonex for the next 6 weeks (it takes 3 to 4 to know if it is helping b/c it has to build up in my system) then I go back for a follow up visit. ENT doctor also talked to me about surgery. . . ugh! I was NOT expecting that. But for now we'll wait and see and I'll continue to deal w/ my ear issues. I really can't believe I have to wait another 3 to 4 weeks to see if this medication will relieve my pain. It seems like it is going to be a LONG winter.

And as other people w/ MS can probably relate to the increase in fatigue and loss of energy when you get sick. It really sucks! I haven't felt "good" in way too long.

At least now I know right? Anyone else out there who has a deviated septum? Have you dealt w/ it or have you had the surgery to correct it?

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